New manuscripts of Manwel Dimech discovered

Monday, 15 Oct 2012, 10:28


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New manuscripts composed by the exiled Manuel Dimech during the last three years of his life will be published for the first time. This was revealed by the two researchers who made the discovery, Mark Montebello and Francis Galea during a press conference in front of the place where Dimech was born in St. John’s Street, Valletta.

Mark Montebello said that the discovery of the manuscripts had been made in two phases: one in 2002 and another sever years later, in 2009. The first discovery had been of a number of manuscripts which, though bearing a work by Dimech, were actually written down by Juan Mamo. For many years the authenticity of these manuscripts could not be verified.

In 2009, the discovery of another manuscript, this time written by Dimech himself, confirmed the genuineness of the first manuscript, since all documents concern one and the same work done by Dimech directly in English between 1917 and 1920.

Francis Galea said that the forthcoming publication, which will be released by Sensiela Kotba Soċjalisti at the next Malta International Book Fair ― entitled Manuel Dimech: Aphorisms – Wisdom of a Philosopher in Exile ― will reveal for the first time Dimech’s work as found in the newly-discovered manuscripts. The work is consists of 2,582 aphorisms, 57 epitaphs and 17 fables.

“This is a book of considerable literary and historical importance,” stated Mark Montebello, “Dimech’s writing is not only his only literary work from his period in exile but, moreover, it is his first extensive work in English. Furthermore, the writing throws new and valuable light on Dimech’s personality during some of the most terrible years of his life.”

The book will be available at a pre-publication price of only €10 till the Malta BooK Fair to be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre,Valletta between 07-11 November 2012.

Photo Caption: Mark Monebello and Francis Galea exposing original manuscripts written by Dimech between 1917-1920 before he died in exile in Alexandria, Egypt.

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