Says ex-lover threatened to burn her alive

Wednesday, 05 Sep 2012, 16:32


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19 year old Lydon Cutajar from Cospicua was charged in court with punching his ex-girlfriend while he threatened to kill her and burn down her house during a fight at Gianpula Nightclub.

He was also charged with breaking the conditions on which he was granted bail including not going to Gianpula Nightclub.

His ex-girlfriend, 34 year old Graziella Grima said that she was dancing with her friends at the night club and has seen Cutajar but tried to avoid him as their relationship ha ended a few months before. She said that at one point she saw Cutajar approaching her and head butting a man. She ran away to hide but Cutajar caught up with her called her a whore and punched her.

Graziella Grima said it was not the first time he threatened her. He had threatened to burn her alive and that he would burn down her house. He also told others that he would kill her once he leaves prison.

The Health Centre doctor who examined Graziella Grima on the day of the incident told the court that she needed seven stitches on her lip and her lip was swollen and her jaw was hurting and had a cracked tooth.

Lydon Cutajar pleaded not guilty but the court decided that eh should be kept under preventive arrest.


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