Paul Borg Olivier’s childish nonsense


The PN secretary general, Paul Borg Olivier has issued a statement to repeat the hearsay that Dr. Simon Busuttil invented in a bid to take some of the heat off Lawrence Gonzi and the PN.

A spokesman for the Labour Party Leader, Joseph Muscat, has categorically denied these rumors. The PN has embarked on a silly campaign that has no bearing whatsoever on the welfare of the country.

Paul Borg Olivier was handpicked by GonziPN to call an urgent press conference to repeat gossip started by one of the aspirants to the PN leadership. The involvement of Simon Busuttil in this chitchat must be another stepping stone in the race to replace Lawrence Gonzi. The next contest would not be a one-horse race. Simon Busuttil, through this contribution, has signified his intent on joining the three Ministers with ambitions of becoming leader of the PN. Beppe Fenech Adami, Tonio Fenech, Mario deMarco and now Simon Busuttil are widely expected to contest the leadership election that will follow soon after the general election. 

Earlier today, NSO data has revealed an increase in unemployment figures. This substantial increase puts the unemployment rate higher than the national average since 2008. With the publication of these statistics, Lawrence Gonzi has now lost his last line of defence. Employment was the only topic he bragged about. This was a worrying factor for the Maltese and the government should have explained why it has been saying the complete opposite. Gonzi has lost all sense of credibility. Paul Borg Olivier never had any, otherwise his press conference would have dwelt on this serious problem.

The people are not interested in this child’s play. The people want a decision to try and stop the uncertainty and instability that GonziPN has led Malta into. The statements made by the PN secretary are a waste of time. The Labour Party and Joseph Muscat in particular, are not interested in this type of negative politics. The PN leaders have a record of lying on the eve of elections. Both Dr. Fenech Adami and Lawrence Gonzi resorted to lies in their attacks on the leader of the Labour Party in the last two elections. The former was found guilty and fined and the latter admitted to his wrongful statement. This latest manufactured chitchat could be a sign that the election is drawing closer.

The people, in general, have been expecting a solution to the persistent problems regarding the excessive increase in National debt, the widening gap of the country’s deficit and the recession that has badly affected business and families in Malta.  Silly statements by the PN secretary will not solve the country’s problems. An admission of government’s loss of a parliamentary majority by GonziPN and the calling of an election would go a long way to finding a solution to Malta’s problems.



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Comments (6)

GL Calleja

- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 15:37

You never send a boy to do a man's job. Does that answer the question?

zeppi l-ghawdxi

- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 13:53

Kemm hu segretarju tajjeb Pawlu Borg Olivier! Aktar ghamel konferenzi stampi bil-paroli fil-vojt tieghu ta x'jahseb li gara 5snin ilu milli tkellem f'dawn is-6 xhur ta rebus li kellu fil-partit ta GonziPN. Pawlu, Pawlu lil min tahseb li trid timpressjona? Ma ghandekx x'tara fil-partit jew? Kemm int vavu Pawl.

speedy gonzilapn

- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 13:48


cittadin malti

- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 13:16

Aparti li hu giddieb organizzat Pawlu Borg Olivier bhal shabu ta Gonzipn lanqas kredibilieta ma baqaghlu biex jasal hu jghid gidba fahxija fuq il-leader onest hu sincier tal Labour Party Dr:Joseph Muscat rigward il-kaz tal-Mistra.Dan ghandhom x'joffru fil-manifest elettorali ta Gonzipn giddeb u qerq lil-poplu Malti.Il-verita tohrog rebbieha fl-ahhar mill-ahhar hekk kif il-poplu taghna jaghti l-fiducja tieghu fil-partit laburista bi gvern gdid hu prim ministru zaghzugh hu ghaqli ghal-gid tan -nazzjon taghna b'Dr:Joseph Muscat il-prim ministru tal-futur.


- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 12:10

Why waste time on a nobody?


- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 10:52

Paul don't you have anything better to do in case get a real job. If you are going to call a press conferance at least have the balls to name and shame


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