Formigoni investigated in Maugeri corruption scandal

Thursday, 26 Jul 2012, 06:25


On Wednesday Roberto Formigoni received a notice of indictment and has been asked to appear before the State Prosecutor, Edmondo Bruti Liberati. The governor of Lombardy, Roberto Formigoni, is now officially under investigation for corruption in the case involving the siphoning overseas of at least €70 million of funds of the Fondazione Maugeri. €15 million of them were passed on through Malta via the Bank of Valletta to SIB Ltd whose secretary was Dr David Gonzi, the son of the prime minister till he resigned after broke news of this case in Malta.

Formigoni, who has close friends in the Gonzi cabinet, is set to appear in the next few days before Milan's Prosecutors. According to a reconstruction of the facts by the prosecutors, Formigoni received from businessman Pierangelo Dacco' nearly €9 million in "material goods", including trips, boat fares and a discount on the purchase of a villa in Sardegna by one of his friends from Comunione e Liberazione. In exchange for this, the prosecution alleges, Formigoni guaranteed a "preferential status" for Dacco', Maugeri's consultant in the region. Formigoni has been charged with the crime of corruption aggravated by transnationality, justified with the passage of the presumed "slush funds" to Switzerland, together with Dacco' himself, Umberto Maugeri, Costantino Passerino and the former regional health assessor, Antonio Simone.

Costantino Passerino came to Malta several times in the last two years for meetings with his contacts.

Last December investigators discovered data in the computer of a Maugeri consultant that in 2009 the Bank of Valletta was used to pass on €15 million to SIB Laboratories Ltd for what was described as a health research project with a Russian company.

SIB Laboratories Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Malta. SIB Laboratories Ltd boasts that on its Scientific and Technical Committee sit “important academics and representatives of scientific research in Malta and in the Russian Federation.”

Investigators have discovered how to cover up the money laundering operation Maugeri officials used a complex web of connections involving the Catholic group ‘Comunione e Liberazione’, freemasonry, universities, research institutes and well connected persons “to open doors”.

In Malta Dr David Gonzi, the son of the Prime Minister was appointed company secretary of SIB Ltd in June 2011. On its website before it disappeared from the public domain, SIB Laboratories Ltd used to give a lot of prominence to the cooperation agreement it signed with the University of Malta.

SIB Limited was registered in Malta five months after the last general election – on 22 August 2008. SIB Investments based in Luxembourg had 49,999 shares in it while Peralta Custodian Ltd based in Valletta had 1 share. SIB Limited’s directors were Mario Barthet and Dr James Scerri Worley who also served as company secretary. He is well connected to the Bank of Valletta and also enjoys the trust of a number of ministers in the cabinet and has been appointed to at least one public post.

SIB Laboratories Limited registered was registered in Malta five days after SIB Ltd on 27 August 2008 also by Peralta Custodian Ltd with 1 share and SIB Limited with 49,999 shares. Its directors were also Mario Barthet and Dr James Scerri Worley.


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Felic it-Tap

- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 08:51

How do I become member of this very '[email protected] group? Is there a branch in Malta cause my networking is on the low side and my pockets are empty and I want to line them up. Any suggestions?

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