[WATCH]: June 2012: unemployment rises by 7.8% in a year

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012, 16:29


The number of persons registered as unemployed as at the end of June stood at 6,697 - an increase of 485, or 7.8 per cent, over June 2011.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) said on Wednesday morning that records provided by the Employment and Training Corporation show that in June, the number of persons registering as unemployed in Malta and Gozo stood at 6,027 and 670 respectively. Accordingly, during the twelve-month period to June, the number of registered unemployed went up by 502 on the mainland, but declined by 17 in Gozo.

NSO said that the number of persons registering under Part 1 of the unemployment register increased by 435 (7.8 per cent), while those registering under Part 2 went up by 50 (7.5 per cent). On a gender basis, 78.0 per cent of the registered unemployed, or 5,224, were men. When compared to last year, unemployment among men went up by 6.7 per cent, while female unemployment increased by 11.9 per cent. Unemployment rose across all age groups, with the exception of those aged under 20.

NSO said that when compared to June 2011, the number of persons registering for work for more than one year rose by 86, or 3.8 per cent, while persons who were registering for work for less than 21 weeks went up by 229, or 8.8 per cent. Persons with a disability under Part 1 of the unemployment register numbered 499, an increase of 106 over June of last year.

In line with past trends, the majority of unemployed men were seeking occupations in services, sales and crafts, whereas women mostly sought clerical jobs.

In February 2012, the registered unemployment rate stood at 4.4 per cent of the labour supply (excluding part-timers): 5.2 per cent for men and 2.8 per cent for women.

The unemployment rate for persons registering under Part 1 stood at 4.7 per cent among persons aged 45 and over, and 5.2 per cent for persons under 25 years of age.

The unemployment rate of persons who had been registering for work for at least one year under Part 1 of the unemployment register stood at 1.4 per cent: 1.8 per cent for men and 0.7 per cent for women.

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Comments (2)

Best and Worst

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 17:54

The Gonz government always comes first among the worst and last among the best.


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 13:04

Generating new jobs and bringing investment to Malta is not that easy for any Government. With the incessant recession across the EU and the World any new jobs in Malta must be welcomed. Why even now we hear of the proposal to establish a new development plant in Malta which will produce biofuels in Malta and creat 200 permanent jobs (directly related to that provision) and a further 600 jobs up and down stream of that facility and this is in addition to the 300 construction jobs it will need during the next two and a half years. And all of this - I read - is without any Government inducements or subsidies.
So let's praise Malta for withstanding the current world-wide recession rather than continually knocking it.

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