Persons on Dalli list try to cover their tracks

After EU Health Commissioner John Dalli gave the Prime Minister a list of names of people within the PN who leaked information against him to the Labour Party and also mentioned the use of offices at the Transport Authority and Dar l-Ewropa in a smear campaign against him, some of the individuals involved have taken steps to try and cover their tracks.

Over the weekend computers that contained data and material about Dalli have been replaced to try and destroy incriminating evidence. Dalli’s accusations are not being investigated only by local police but also by police in Brussels where the use of EU resources are involved.

Last week Dalli told the PN Executive Committee that the quarters from which campaigns have been waged against him originate within the offices of the Transport Authority and Dar l-Ewropa in St Paul’s Street, Valletta.

In his intervention from Brussels Dalli referred to the way in which he has been persecuted by persons within the PN who pass on information against him to the Labour Party to try and damage his reputation. He said these campaigns against him, his family and his close collaborators are still going on.

He said that he knows a lot of information that can damage the party but he keeps it to himself even if I continue to be attacked, together with my family and collaborators. “This is how the party has rewarded me and all those like me who have worked hard to introduce noble values in Malta.”

Dalli told the PN’s Executive Committee: “You have smashed the party. The party has been bled dry. Many Nationalists feel homeless. You have brought the party to this point.”



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Comments (16)


- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 08:50



- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 22:49

If these people can damage their own people, just immagine what they can do to a person with labour principles!!! How can such a person make it to an administrative officer within Gonzipn? Be trusted - never. One must really merit such a position and the government must be without alternatives to make it to that point....because people gets employed not through meritocracy but depending who they politically belong to. No chance for a board member if you happen to be...


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 21:27

I guess the names of these people will never come to light anyway as Gator Gatt and and RCC have their little hands in there somewhere, with the blessing of Gonzi


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 18:42

MrDalli must admit what is happening in the Gonzipn to the public because this is public interest. If Gonzi smashed his party he might continue to smash the country.


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 18:24

The hackers used the EU embassy in Malta and the premises of a government ministry to attack an EU Commissioner! Who from those who have voted for EU membership 8 years ago would believe that this is happening in Malta when it is an EU member state? How darker a day could there be for democracy in Malta? And given this scenario, how can one imagine what government officials with Labour leanings have been through the last 25 years of repeated injustices?

Hard Discs destroyed

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 17:48

Donna when DR Sant was elected in 1996, the outgoing PN left a room full of destroyed computer hard discs at Castille.

They were in such a hurry to destroy them that they even left a heavy hammer on site with which they destroyed the hard discs.

This is what the PN OLIGARCHY does.


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 15:09

Let's not beat around the bush John Dalli in his hay days wasn't a pretty picture but compared to what PN has transformed into, ie gonziPN, hit's like the difference between luke warm to boiling water.
Dalli said he knows a lot that could damage the party,only an ass would sacrifice his reputation to defend a party or on the other hand he has nothing at all that would not backfire on him.

Il Bidu Tat Tmiem

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 12:06

Meta partit politiku jibda'
jonxor il-hwejjeg mahmugi
jintnu tieghu barra jkun iffisser il-bidu tat-tmiem tieghu.

U l-Gvern ta' Gonzi hekk hu,
biss sewwa jew bid-dnewwa
baqghlu biss ftit xhur ohra
jekk mhux granet ukoll.

Din tal-koalizzjona ma JPO
hija farsa politika li mhux
biss skreditat il-Gvern ta
Gonzi, izda umiljatu


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 12:00

Donna, I have to inform you that the authorities have dropped all they were doing and went over to ring fence the indicated premises. Not to grab those computers mind you, but to allow them to destroy whatever needs destroying in peace and during morning office hours. Didn't you know they are all on half days!

Michael Debono

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 11:02

Who is the general secretary of the Nationalist Party? Is it not Dr. Paul Botg Olivier?
And in Executive it appears there are corrupt persons. It says a lot about the general Secretary who at times wants to say his point in the wrong way. Poor kid. For it appears he is a poor kid.Hardlyt knows what must be a general secretary.


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 10:39

Well, Commissioner Dalli,maybe you should know that people who were close to you tried to persecute others in various ways and forms.


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 09:27

Fine - but what are these reports based on? Have you seen these individuals actually disposing of their previously used computers? It would be opportune for to substantiate these reports.

l fenech

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 08:51

Mhux bilfors il-hmieg kollu ghal taht it-tapit.

Giordano Bruno

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 08:51

To add insult to Dalli's injury, none of the English speaking media informed its readers on the hurt felt by John Dalli.
Perhaps, its not part of their 'mission statement' to inform their readers,( many labour supporters included), the truth and nothing but the truth?
Luckily, Malta Today leaves no corners untouched, and seems to be the only neutral 'quality newspaper' left on these islands which respects its readers.


- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 07:38

If its known that the pcs are being replaced then the police should gather these pcs and go through them before the data is erased and the people who are replacing them should be marked and watched.

Charles Farrugia

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 07:01

Unfortunately, this is Malta. There are such people that they want to dig their noise into other peoples ass,excuse my expression. There and politics and politics. Such tactics are found every where, especially by those people that they either have nothing to do, or by those that are jealous and do not have a mirror to see their face in it.
With computers, an intrusion detector program would be a start, to know who is in your system.

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