Melvin Zammit finalist in Google Science Fair

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012, 17:39


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Melvin Zammit, 18, from Kirkop was one of 15 finalists in the Google Science Fair 2012. The Google Science Fair is an online science competition seeking curious minds from the four corners of the globe. Young people aged 13 to 18, who have an idea, can enter the competition. The finalist event took place on 23 July in the US.  The winning project, Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer was one by Btittany Wenger, 17, from USA.

Presenting his project: 3-Dimensional Display, Melvin Zammit explains that  nowadays we are witnessing a wave in the development of 3-Dimensional displays. The industry presented us with 3D screens and TVs. However the Stereoscopic technology used in most of these devices proves rather unnatural to our eyes. The aim of this project is to build a 3-Dimensional display that can display ‘real’ 3D images. The entire project is based on the idea that if more than one transparent image is put in front of each other, a 3D image forms. Persistence of vision would be used to create the needed transparent layers. This concept could have infinite possible applications in the future like 3D modelling, gaming, 3D telephony, hospitals and many other applications that require a realistic volumetric display.

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