Horses suffer the heat too!

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012, 17:17



Another Summer has arrived and yet an issue which many animal rights organisations have been pushing forth for years has unfortunately not improved. Cab horses still remain without adequate shelter, in a way that they must spend a whole day in the scorching sun, without any form of shade or basic amenities.

Moviment Graffitti states: “The situation is exasperating, and reflects not only the lack of existing priority for animal rights but also the incompetency of the relevant authorities, which throughout this saga have often shifted the onus of responsibility of the matter from one entity to the other and have not taken any concrete action to permanently resolve the matter. Here we are dealing with an issue on which there could never be any disagreement upon: as long as cab horses are permitted to be on the road, it is a must that these horses are provided with adequate shelter to protect them from the elements and basic anemities, such as fresh water supply.”

“It is truly shameful for Malta that whilst promoting cabs horses as a tourist attraction, it is at the same time also exhibiting the lack of animal rights and welfare that still exist in this island,” Moviment Graffitti said.


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Comments (2)

James A. Tyrrell

- Thu 26-Jul-2012, 11:15

A call should go out for all tourists visiting Malta to avoid using the services of these people until such times as the horses are provided for. Any tourist who uses these cabs are every bit as guilty of animal cruelty as the morons who operate them.

Jason Tabone

- Wed 25-Jul-2012, 17:37

Ma niehu xejn bi kbir povri annimali. Sal-llum il-gurnata ghad m'hawnx ligi li tiddetta kemm ghanda tkun it-temperatura massima li wiehed ghandu jahdem fiha........u din ghall-haddiema !! ahseb u ara kemm se jiccaqalqu biex jaghmlu xi haga ghall-annimali !!

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