Five Maltese athletes fly off to the London Olympics 2012

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012, 16:39


Five Maltese athletes will be flying off to London for the 2012 Olympics today.  The opening ceremony will follow on Friday.

William Chetcuti, Diane Borg, Nikki Muscat, Andrew Chetcuti u Rachid Chouha will be representing Malta and competing with world renowned athletes.

President of the Olympic Committee Lino Farrugia Sacco said on ONE Breakfast news this morning that he has faith in the Maltese athletes' success.

"The Maltese contingency have been preparing themselves in a professional  and they are inferior to none," he said.

The highest expectations are for the Maltese shooter William Chetcuti. He currently occupies third place in the world rankings of shooters, an excellent prospective for the Maltese contingency, hoping to win the first gold medal for Malta in these games.

This will be the third time that William Chetcuti will be participating in the Olympics, as during these eight years he competed in the Beijing, were he came eight and in Athens Olympics, where he came ninth.


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Comments (1)

Monica Salerno

- Sun 29-Jul-2012, 02:33

Best wishes for the Maltese Team...we will be watching & rooting for them


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Five Maltese athletes fly off to the London Olympics 2012

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