Paraic Casey dies attempting to swim English Channel

Monday, 23 Jul 2012, 05:55


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An Irishman has died whilst attempting to swim the English Channel.

Paraic Casey, aged 45, from Cork, became ill off the French coast in the early hours of Sunday.

The Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation (CS&PF) said the relevant authorites had been informed and had attended the scene.

It said it did not have detailed information on what had happened at present.

Mr Casey's wife, Riana, described her husband as an "amazing, healthy, tough, loving husband, friend, brother, uncle, son, nephew and cousin".

She said his recent passion for swimming had brought him to great places.

A family spokeswoman said he was "almost at the finish", about a mile from the French shore, when he took ill.

The CS&PF, the body which oversees English Channel swimming, said Mr Casey underwent a standard CS&PF medical examination by his doctor prior to the swim and was passed fit.

"He also notified us that he had completed a six hour training swim. He was wearing a wet-suit for the channel crossing," a statement said.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Paraic's family at this time."

Source: BBC News

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