[WATCH] Gonzi hopes for quick police investigations of Dalli list

EU Commissioner and former PN Minister John Dalli has passed on the names of the people within the PN he believes have tried to hack his e-mail to Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi in his meeting yesterday. He also passed the names to the police. In the evening Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said he hoped that the police investigate the cases mentioned by Dalli as soon as possible and the results of their investigations are made public.

Dalli, who is in Malta for meetings in his role as EU commissioner, told journalists that the he named PN officials who worked against him in his 2004 bid for the PN leadership and last February when there was talk of his possible comeback for the PN leadership. The way he was treated when he had to resign on false allegations on 2004 is completely different from how Richard Cachia Caruana was treated in recent weeks, he lamented.

The former PN Minister also described the situation in the PN as "very serious" and that the new PN-Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando coalition in Parliament is "flimsy."

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Comments (15)

Tinten l-affari

- Sun 22-Jul-2012, 13:48

Mela jsiru malajr l-investigazzjonijiet?

Mela ghalfejn ohrajn jiehdu s-snin u QATT ma jitlestew?

Ma jidrilkomx li jkun hemm xi haga tinten li jkunu jridu jidfnuha meta investigazzjoni qatt ma jlestuha?

Et tu Gonzi

- Sat 21-Jul-2012, 16:39

I wonder what Dalli told the Gonz when he met him?

Perhaps, "Et tu Gonzi"


- Sat 21-Jul-2012, 13:07

These are serious accusations .what has this country come to ,PN officials spying on us ,what about data protection what about democracy what about freedom of speech ,nobody can feel safe using the internet,emails,twitter ,mobile phones etc.It feels like the second world war,spies are all about us and whoever crosses their path will be demolished .Its a very sad situation for us in these times of hardship :-(

l fenech

- Sat 21-Jul-2012, 03:20

Sur Dalli ma tafx li Gonzi ser jaqbez ghal-ta madwaru, issa drajnieha li dejjem ghandu ragun min jisbalja ma Gonzi.


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 22:41

Is this GonziPN who a few months ago said that chapter is closed. Is this GonziPN who some months ago said that he will not accept conditional agreements with anyone - since he is Par Idejn Sodi! And what about John Dalli's hackers - is this also a frame-up by John Dalli??


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 19:07

Mr Ellul-Grech he is part of the gonzipn so let them grab each other throats as much as they like. It only serves to show their true colours. I am sure what you wrote woulkd have eventualy surfaced during the boxing bout.


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 19:02

Joseph grech ellul ahjar talaq ftit halqek ma jmurx jitkellem gaffarena (tiftakru)?


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 18:58

@ Joseph Ellul Grech,Mr Dalli must be in denial.


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 18:51

I think Jesmond Mulget should follow JPO and hand over his resignation he has got nothing to loose all is lost already he should be a man and pick up carauge and pay back after all send him an Email like he did to you

Joseph Ellul-Grech

- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 18:33

EU Commissioner John Dalli continues to make a fuss about the false allegations against him in 2004. Time and again he forgets that he falsely and maliciously accused me to cover up his involvement in the Daewoo scandal from which he received a large backhander (evidence to support this exists).

Whoever thinks that this arrogant politician is sincere must need his head testing. John Dalli was the person who organised the sending of those 20, 000 anonymous letters claiming to defame him. To support his false claim his ex boss Eddie Fenech Adami accused the LP of sending the letters. Everyone knows that the LP was cleared of any connection to such a serious crime and so was I.

The arrogance and deceit of this corrupt politician has no limits. He continues to behave in this manner and ignores the serious allegations and evidence I have published on line about him.

Viva Malta

- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 18:26

B dawn l affarijet li qeghdin nisimghu kuljum tahsbek li qed tghix sqallija mal mafja.jaghmlu vendikazzjonijiet ma taghhom ahseb uara jekk matkunx mal partit taghhom !Darba zmien ilu kien jsejjhu lilhom nfushom L ANGLI TAL PACI.


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 16:23

This happened to a senior PN Minister. Imagine someone not from the inner circle or a poor Labourite working in government departments for the last 25 years what he has passed through! No one can imagine the injustices meted out except those who were struck by this cruel attitude. If one takes the Foreign Ministry, where Commissioner Dalli's pain originates with being knived Brutus style in 2004, 17 years before 87 officials who were serving Malta in Melbourne , New York or anywhere in the world, were unserimoniously transferred to other departments like Post Office counters and filty back offices in the Treasury. No one said a word. A prominent commentor who often defends GonziPN on a local e-news paper who was the mastermind behind the transfers said that he preferred seeing empty desks rather than having Labourites working at Foreign Ministry! This mass transfer was as bad as the mizbla treatment of the 1960s becasue most of those who suffered continue to suffer to this very day. Careers and whole families ruined. L-aqwa r-riconciljazzjoni ta' EFA, l-justizzja u liberta! U d-divizzjoni tal-klikka GonziPN.


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 14:53

Iktar ma joqrob it-tmiem taghhom iktar jihdaru! Dawn in-nies isallbu anke lin-nies taghhom ahseb u ara lil dawk li kienu dejjem kontra taghhom.! Jafu x'hemm lest ghalihom pero dawn qatt ma accettaw telfa. Il-kbir ghadu gej.... hdura....gideb sfaccat... attakki personali...min kollox!Jippruvaw jghaddu minn fuq kulhadd bhal-gaffa!!! Dejjem huma gew l-ewwel u qabel kollox!

l fenech

- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 13:21

Nipera li John Dalli ma ihallihomx idwaruh xi dawra.


- Fri 20-Jul-2012, 12:33

Well done Mr. Dalli. You are well respected by the majority of the Maltese for your sincerity and determination. Your words caution the government employees about the use of their email address. Friends...Beware of Darkness.

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