PL: Mistra story leaked from within the PN

Partit Laburista (PL) said on Thursday that the Mistra story against MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando on the eve of the general election in 2008 was leaked to the party from within the PN.

PL said that GonziPN is inconsistent even when it comes to lying. Referring to two PN MPs who contradicted each other when one said that the PL gave an indication of the Mistra affair four days ago, another MP said it was a “leak”.

PL said that the story is being spun like all the lies invented by Lawrence Gonzi and Richard Cachia Caruana in the 2008 election campaign.

PL said: “This is story lacks total credibility. Four years ago PN secretary general Joe Saliba said that he was inadvertently given a hint about the Mistra story.”

PL said that this is being done to protect the network that GonziPN uses to leak stories against PN MPs they want to target.

PL said GonziPN knows who from within the PN leaked the Mistra story to the PL on the eve of the election and also passed on sensitive documents.




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Comments (6)

Lukardu X'riha

- Thu 19-Jul-2012, 16:48

Jaghtu ezempju dawn ta 'religio et patria': min jigdeb,min min iharref,min jinganna, min jiffrejma, min ikeskess min mill-gideb tieghu jghtih lil haddiehor; kollox bil-mohbi u fis-sena 2012 wara li smajna tant oxxenijiet baqa minn jemmen lil dawn? Is-sabieha hi li dawn-hafna minnhom 'iriduha tal-knisja'? Xi skandlu b'din il-makkkerija!


- Thu 19-Jul-2012, 16:29

Lies and Frame Ups, have become the P N Order of the Day, even if you are a P N supporter, and God helps you, if they will know that you are a P L supporter. Time will soon come, and the People will give the P N what they merit.


- Thu 19-Jul-2012, 14:42

Tghid xi hadd li qieghed fir-ritratt? Always read through the lines ...


- Thu 19-Jul-2012, 14:26

It was evident that someone in gonzipn wanted to get rid of JPO knowing he that stood up to them. Latest developments within gonzipn ranks gives an inkling of who this or these person/s might be. Latest spin is only a means to deviate their remaining supporters attention from RCC's recording where he is heard implicating Lawrence Gatt and Guido Demarco in the attemp on RCC's life.
It is amazing how RCC is being quite about the recording when he was prompt to libel Joe Mizzi on a simple staement.
But looks like the spin is only being taken up by gonzipn apologists on TOM and even there their arguments are made up of a lot of hogwash.

zeppi l-ghawdxi

- Thu 19-Jul-2012, 13:31

Il-kelma 'frame-up' saret moda bhalissa. John Dalli qal li RCC talbu biex jghinu. Suppost talbu biex jghid il-verita'. Gordon Pisani mar bit-transcript tat-telefonata tal-Mistra. X'kellha x'taqsam il-Mistra mal-kaz ta' RCC? Xejn s'intendi, imma riedu kemm jista jkun icekknu lil JPO. Sar gudizzju fuq JPO meta hu biss ta x-xhieda. RCC ma thallix jitkellem. Gustizzja tax-'Sharia'. Imma min jaf min qed jaghmel il-frame-ups lil min. JPO mhux ta subghajh f'halqu, tibzax.


- Thu 19-Jul-2012, 12:17

You have to give it to them. RCC certainly taught them coordination. The PN's spin machine runs like clockwork.

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