Arriva in contact with the man on hunger strike

Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011, 09:57


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Acting upon the instruction of Transport Minister Austin Gatt, Arriva will be in contact to Emanuel Cini the man who is on hunger strike to protest against the new routes.

A spokesman for the Transport Ministry was quoted by The Times saying: “Once Mr Cini made his intentions public, the minister asked Arriva to speak to him and try to ensure his needs were met. We’re informed by Arriva this contact was made. Meanwhile, like any other suggestion we have received, Mr Cini’s particular complaint is being evaluated between Transport Malta and Arriva”.

Emanuel Cini, of Cospicua, claims to be on hunger strike. He is noe in his fifth day of the strike. Since the new bus service operator took over the system he was not able to leave his house since he cannot stay for long hours in the sun due to his condition.

He is protesting against the removal of a route directly linking Cospicua to M’Scala, a route he used regularly to go and get treated at Razzett tal-Hbiberija.

Emanuel Cini is HIV positive and suffers from a rare condition known as toxoplasmosis, which has a stroke-like effect.
In his fourth day of the strike, he said on a youtube message, that he has sent the Prime Minister an email with all his complains and so far it has been ignored, however Cini says "let's wait and see".

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