Distasteful PN joke

The April fools joke played on the nation by Nationalist Media group, Media.link, did not go down well with many describing it as a distasteful joke.

PN media outlets reported that the Luqa Monument was to be pulled down temporarily due to the Pope's visit, however later on in the day Net News unveiled that this was all an April Fools joke.

The joke however it seems did not go down too well with many people as it led to many people expressing their anger at Net News' nonchalant attitude to the affair.

"What's upsetting to me is that even the Nationalist's own media see the ridiculousness of the monument, and yet they still support their own government's decision to have it built  said one commenter on a particular facebook group.

On a more comical note, the Medialink April fool's joke also prompted local comedian Joe Demicoli to write a song about the affair.

The following link may be offensive to some


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Comments (9)

Gordon Scicluna

- Wed 07-Apr-2010, 08:53

I thought it was obvious that the affair was an April fool's joke.. what' s this hassle for. The monument is an all year round April fool's joke, should be removed and planted in the sea bed..


- Wed 07-Apr-2010, 07:23

Reminds me of the first time it was ERECTED, in January in the times of the Chogm summit ....and in the same period when the first surcharged W & E Bills.

No wonder it is BLUE andLARGE could just be a PAIN like the surcharged bills.

charles azzopardi

- Wed 07-Apr-2010, 07:02

Le . vera kienet , ghax issa ARMS ( il-par idejn sodi li jisirqu l-flus tad-dawl u l-ilma ) ha jehduh quddiem l-office tal- WaterWorks ta' Hal-luqa halli min jidhol b'complaint ikun jaf x'se jiehu ...

Paul Tabone

- Tue 06-Apr-2010, 22:19

Tajba Joe. Nispera ma jkunx hemm xi erba' dojoq li jirrapurtawk bhal ma ghamlu lil dak tal-Universita'.

alfred mallia

- Tue 06-Apr-2010, 21:26

I recommend that this monumntt is removed from Luqa and be installaed at Pieta infron the pnhq - in remembrance of the fact that this was builet thanks to materdejn account!


- Tue 06-Apr-2010, 20:57

Can't we take a joke and luckily it was a joke. had it not it would have shown what a bunch of hypocrites we are. And for the record i don't like that monument (whatever it is)


- Tue 06-Apr-2010, 20:00

the Bidnija woman did not think twice to publish the women part in her site .


- Tue 06-Apr-2010, 19:25

Something to Blog about in the weeks to come.

As always, two wieghts, two measures, for a two-faced Party, the Nationalist Party.

Joe Cristina

- Tue 06-Apr-2010, 19:21

Apart from being a distasteful and stupid joke, I say that Malta Right Now apparently do not know that April fools jokes are to be dished out by noon and afterwards corrected. However, Malta Right Now pasted the news at 15.05!!!