Pension reforms, AUM and migrants in PM's meeting in Valletta

Addressing a large crowd at Fort St Elmo during a session of the meetings entitled, "The government that listens", Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke a a wide range of topics.

He mentioned new proposed pension changes with increased pensions for widows.

On the matter of the new American University of Malta, Joseph Muscat said that the government had listened to the voice of the people and would be advocating part of the University to be built in Marsaskala and part in another part of the South of Malta.

Prime Minister Muscat talked about the continuing migrant crisis, he backed new European Union moves to relocate migrants from Italy and Greece.

He said that Malta had agreed to take 300 migrants, a move to show that Malta supported Italy and Greece and also as sending a message to the rest of the EU that if Malta faced another migrant crisis he would go to Brussels abd tell them to help in the same way that Malta had helped Italy and Greece.