Malta and Israel strengthen cooperation in energy, health sector

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013, 14:22


Welcoming Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that understanding Malta's position in the Mediterranean, both countries can benefit from strengthening their cooperation together including in areas like energy, health, tourism and agriculture.

Thanking him for his warm welcome, Prime Minster Joseph Muscat claimed that after 50 years of Malta's independence, this visit from the Prime Minster of Malta was well over-due. 

Prime Minster Joseph Muscat stated that he was proud to be the first Maltese Prime Minister visiting Israel and is deeply committed to strengthen Malta's relations with Israel and collaborate together on the key areas relating to both countries.


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Comments (1)

GUZE spiteri

- Thu 17-Oct-2013, 13:06

As a member of Jewish Voice for Peace I feel ashamed as a Malti that our prime minister is shaking hands with a war criminal who used WMD on civilians.