[UPDATED] Process at Naxxar steady and on schedule

Sunday, 10 Mar 2013, 07:43


Updated at 9.30am: Situation at Naxxar counting hall is calm on Sunday morning.

Boxes are still being opened but the process is on schedule and is expected to finish by 10am. Sorting of ballots according to the no 1 preference starts at 11am and it is only at this time that we start to get indications of how people voted. Within 60 to 90 minutes the trend should be clear enough for one party to say it is going to win if the majority is clear and not narrow like 2008.

The final turnout waas 93% but it increased slightly in Labour-leaning districts and decreased in PN-leaning districts.

In the meantime both parties continue to appeal for calm and full co-operation with the police. Political billboards were removed from the streets last night.

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- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 10:38

Remember all that Malta is "tghana il koll" so everybody should respect even those of a different political opinion,we should all remember how our Joseph Muscat worked to bring unity between us Maltese.VIVA MALTA.