Mass celebration at Floriana Granaries

The Labour Party is calling its supporters to join in the celebration of the historic electoral victory at the Floriana Granaries this afternoon.

Thousands have already took to the streets with cars adorned with Malta Taghna Lkoll, Labour Party and Maltese flags.

Dr.  Joseph Muscat will be addressing the crowd who will gather at il-Fosos to congratulate the Labour leader, the second youngest prime minister-to-be.

Keep calm and celebrate!



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Comments (4)


- Mon 11-Mar-2013, 08:40

Grazzi lil kulħadd għall-hidma tagħkom

Madlene Cumbo

- Mon 11-Mar-2013, 01:08

Kemm nixtieq li qeghda Malta biex niccelebra din ir-rebha li Malta ilha tistenna. Dr Joseph Muscat nawguralek. Good luck.


P Camilleri

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 17:34

A short but significant speech at Centru Nazzjonali Laburista. text of speech can be read by visiting

Michael Gatt

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 17:02

Kemm ahna kburin bik Dr.Muscat. Inweduk is sapport shieh tghana