Jubilation at Muscat's visit to counting hall

Labour leader and prime minister-to-be Joseph Muscat was given a roaring welcome at Naxxar Counting Hall.

Loud clapping and the echoing sound of perspex beating filled the counting hall. Chanting sponteaously "Taghna Lkoll" and Joseph, Joseph, people squashed and pressed each other for a glimpse of Dr. Joseph Muscat to pat him on the back.

Speaking to journalists Dr Muscat declared: "This government will not have a blue or a red flag but a White-and-Red Maltese flag".

An estimated gap of 37,000 votes will secure Labour in the government, with a majority of seven seats in parliament.



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Comments (2)

Ph - Iklin

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 18:55

Arrogant people distanced themselves from the general public. The result of today shows that people are not not ignorant and they would not accept any arrogance. A resounding sign that the PN times were over. A new dawn has started!!! Congratulations to the PL team for this resounding victory and may we have 5 years of prosperity for our beloved nation.


- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 15:45

At long last we got rid of them and i hope for a very long time Joseph is making new political history and more is still yo come I believe that his personal votes are going to break all records by an other politican