A famous victory for the country

It is not the PN which lost the general election, but the country which won it.  The country won it through the medium of the PL, but the PL has promised to govern the country as a broad-based movement. 

The long campaign preferred by the Nationalist leader Dr Gonzi has not worked the way he expected.  The polls had long been presaging a PL win, and so it has been.  It may well be that a number of voters actually punished Dr Gonzi for putting his party’s interests before those of the country, which had to work without a budget for over two months.

Another clear fact that emerges from the result is that negative campaigning failed to work.  Though one might understand that a party that just could not inflict a mortal blow to the PL campaign would resort to negative campaigning, indeed mudslinging, the electorate seems to have gone out of its way to reject it. 

The dynamics of the campaign seem to have proven right the ex PN leader Dr Eddie Fenech Adami when, in an interview in The Times, he said that people are no longer interested in the past.  Dr Gonzi and his party strategists decided to ignore Dr Fenech Adami’s warning, and they put the emphasis on scare-mongering.  Their attempt to instil a sense of fear and risk was driven by polls showing that Dr Muscat enjoyed a higher trust rating than Dr Gonzi, but it failed in a spectacular way.  The ultimate error was when they convinced the President Emeritus to break with tradition and endorse Dr Gonzi in the final mass meeting of the campaign, which again backfired.

It will take many weeks for a proper analysis of the results to reveal what actually made the difference, but there is no doubt that a major issue was the proper governance of the country.   Even if there were voters who were disposed well to the PN in terms of its economic management, there was a strong feeling that the PN had lost its way in giving the country an ethical and sound governance.  The Enemalta scandal was perhaps the death-knell.

Another major issue was the widespread longing for major changes in the social and civil areas of society.  The PL and its leader tapped early into this national consciousness and have driven this agenda for the last five years.  The PN was a late and reluctant convert.  Dr Gonzi’s admission that he made a mistake when he voted against the introduction od divorce again backfired, as it showed that it wasn’t a decision based on conscience.

The PL and its movement now take the reins of the country.  The challenges are many and stiff, but the will and determination are equally strong and intense.

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Comments (13)


- Mon 11-Mar-2013, 18:17

GRAZZI Onor Dr.Joseph Muscat tal-Moviment Laburista li kont kapaci twaqqaf u li tajt lill MALTA TAGHNA futur il-quddiem.Grazzi talli lill partit taghna tajtu rebha memorabbli.Grazzi wkoll imur ghat team li kellek mieghek u lill voluntiera tal-hidma siwja li ghamlu.Irrid nghid GRAZZI kbira lill GHAWDXIN kolla li ivvotaw ghall MOVIMENT LABURISTA u nifrahilkhom li kontu kapaci ittellaw 3 rapprezentanti fil parlament taghna.Grazzi kbira tmur ghall dik is sinjura habrieka li qatt ma qatet qalba tahdem ghall Partit Laburista gewwa Ghawdwx hadd hlieh GUZA Grazzi GUZA u Alla jtik is-sahha biex tbqa tahdem ghall partit Laburista.


- Mon 11-Mar-2013, 09:06

Auguri min qieh qalbi lil Dr Joseph Muscat u lil Moviment tal-Pl, u b'fiducja qawwija nemmen li Joseph ser immexxina il-quddiem ghat- triq tal-Progress u jaqqad il-Poplu Malti u Ghawdxi Kollhu.Grazzi Joseph F'lahhar Malta hija Taghna ilkol.

Phl - Iklin

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 19:08

All the country won today as the people have elected a party headed by a young energetic person who committed himself to work for the nation irrespective of the colour (which unfortunately the PN kept hammering on until the last moment). We are one nation, the nation is ours and not of a few who pertain to a clique. Since the 1921 the PL has always worked hard for the lower classes and this time is not an exception. Joseph emphasised that the PL would work for all classes...the result of the higher class getting better is that the lower classes go up the ladder of wealth too. For the PL everyone counts...no one is irrelevant. Today's victory will go down in the books of history...also some of Joseph's speeches during the campaign will go down in the history books as they were patriotic speeches....wow bniedem tal-genn il-mexxej!!! A big thank you to the hard working untiring PL team.

Frankie Tedesco

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 15:42

Viva Joseph, Viva l-Moviment Laburista, Viva MALTA TAGHNA LKOLL.

b bugia

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 15:40

Joseph Muscat made a difference, I am glad that this time I voted labour..Dr Muscat he speaks our same language, he understood our needs, something that Gonzi kept ignoring...it is tough when at the end of the month you see your pockets empty, something that Gonzi ignored while Dr Muscat understood too well...It was a positive campaign.I am not the only nationalist that voted labour and that is why this is such a great country..when we see s... we know when to dump him.

l fenech

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 15:02

Dr. Gonzi, you and your worse half have suffered the biggest defeat in the maltese political history post war.

Independent critic

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 14:35

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Muscat and his closest collaborators that exposed the most shocking of scandals. As I stated earlier Sliema will give Gonzi PN a most unpleasnast surprise, and that past supporters of the PN that have decided to vote Labour are keeping silent. I am glad I Have been proved right not only in Sliema but throughout Malta and Gozo.


- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 14:32

Dr Fenech Adamis Emeritus title should be withdrawn immediatly,he has put the presidential office to shame

Joseph Mifsud

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 14:28

This is the result of Mintoff's action in 1998 when he brought down his own government. He gave us the chance of voting Yes or No for the EU. If the people voted NO he would have won. The people voted Yes and Mintoff olso won because he knew that it was impossible for the PN to give us Maltese the same rights as EU citizens without the PN keeping fighting for CLASS differences it has always fought for since even before it's inception.


- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 14:28

Another record by Dr.Gonzi. He gained the narrowest victory and the heaviest defeat as a party leader in our beloved islands' political history.

Malta Taghna Lkoll

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 14:11

Thanks to all those who worked voluntarily for this great Labour victory. Your work has given its results. Now to work for Malta.


- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 14:06

Proset Maltastar.

Proaset Varist Bartolo tax-xoghol li tajt biex sahhat din il-gazzetta li biha zammejt elufi nfurmati b'dak kollu li kien qed jigri fl'ahhar sena.

Jonas Cord Jr.

- Sun 10-Mar-2013, 13:11

Hello and Good Day Malta. At the crack of dawn you must have bourne a radiant smile as you must have already known the result. You have now been redeemed of the oligarchy and the evil clique. A new bright future lies ahead under the direction and guidance of Dr Joseph Muscat.
Again Congratulations Malta.


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