Five questioned over breach of silence

Five individuals, among them two candidates and a columnist, were among those questioned over breaching the electoral law on political silence.

PL candidates Nikita Zammit Alamango and Deborah Schembri, Malta Independent columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia, MEP Joseph Cuschieri and Lara Boffa were among those questioned by police over the alleged breach.

The Times reported that the Nationalist Party confirmed that it made a number of complaints to the police over the breach of silence.

Comments on social media have criticised the 'obscene law' and queried why no steps were taken over the years to abolish this law. The electoral law states that that is aimed at the 'prohibition of activities capable of influencing voters immediately before the election'.


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Comments (6)

H Galea

- Sat 09-Mar-2013, 21:07

PLatum, perhaps you are correct, but that is why we have MP' attend Parliament so they can notice these irregularties while laws are being drafted. As they like say,You have to see the glass half full, and hold it by five fingers !!!


- Sat 09-Mar-2013, 19:19

It there is no law to prohibit


- Sat 09-Mar-2013, 18:42

What about the sms's that were sent by mychoicepn yesterday? These don't count?

l fenech

- Sat 09-Mar-2013, 18:15

Mela mhux bhal Bondi+ li issa Bondi- ghax dardarna ghand il-habiba tieghu u jinterroga lil puluzjia bl'akbar ardir, x'haseb li lahaq!

Ajkla Xiha

- Sat 09-Mar-2013, 17:35

Ghidilna d-data ta' meta dahal l-internet f'Malta please!


- Sat 09-Mar-2013, 16:06

When the law was drafted Internet didn't excist, at least in Malta for sure, therefore the law does not provide for this new type of media. Is this correct?

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