Update: All eyes on Naxxar now

Saturday, 09 Mar 2013, 22:35


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All eyes have turned to Naxxar as polling stations have closed at 10pm. Sealed ballot boxes start making their way to Naxxar, however the real moment that counts is at around 11am when the actual counting starts.

700 ballot boxes will be making their way from all corners of Malta from the 13 districts.

During that time party runners will start taking a sample of the voting preferences and the political parties will have an indication of the vote.

A total of 326,296 individuals were eligible to vote with 6523 votes being uncollected.

There are 845 counting staff, in all 1235 staff, including the AECs counting the local council votes.

Sorting of votes starts at 11am on Sunday as per agreement between the electoral commission and the political party representatives.

There were a total of 7424 advance voters. Those who were abroad today, voted on 2, March. AEC's voted yesterday, as well as Mater Dei, St Vincent de Paul and Karin Grech patients. Monte Carmeli patients - voted the general election for the first time, yesterday as well.

These will be the first 900 ballot boxes to be opened and the votes will be sorted in batches of 50.

Meanwhile Labour leader Joseph Muscat tweeted:




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