Domestic violence: 69% of victims are women

Friday, 08 Mar 2013, 07:22


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The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day focuses on action to end violence against women. In 2012, 77 per cent of reported domestic violence victims were females.

International Women’s Day is globally celebrated on 8 March, where women are recognised for their achievements through time. The female population in Malta and Gozo stood at 209,843 in 2011, comprising 50.3 per cent of the total population.

Women in employment

Figures from the Labour Force Survey showed that the highest female employment rate was in the 25-34 age bracket, at 69 per cent. On average, an employed woman worked around

32 hours per week, 7 hours less than their male counterparts.

The unemployment rate for females stood at 7 per cent, around 1 per cent higher than that for males. The highest unemployment rate in females was recorded for those aged 15-24, at 14 per cent. The inactivity rate for females was 56 per cent, decreasing slightly over the past years but remaining higher than that for males.

Women in education

During the scholastic year 2010-2011, 12,728 female students enrolled in post-secondary institutions. Among enrolled students aged 15-24, 52 per cent were females. Moreover,

54 per cent of students who graduated from post-secondary institutions were females.

Women and technology

In 2012, 80 per cent of females were daily computer users, while 79 per cent of women used the internet on a daily basis. Forty-nine per cent of females said that they used the internet for communication and access to information, while 35 per cent of persons who used this medium for creativity purposes were females.

Women and crime

Of the domestic violence cases reported to the police in 2012, the majority of victims, 69 per cent, were females aged 18-59. At 57 per cent, the most common type of violence reported on women was classified as Slight Bodily Harm with Physical Force.

Women in public life

Twenty-six female candidates will be contesting the forthcoming general elections. This accounts for a female participation of 15.5 per cent, an increase of 5 per cent over 2008. Of these, 14 will contest on two districts. The 12th District has the highest number of female candidates with nearly one-fourth of the total. In contrast, there are no women contesting the 7th District.

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