Spurious pious words


Fr Joe Borg, a commentator, blogger and University lecturer has just blogged on The Times that the anonymous letter placed on the PBS web-site that threatened its presenters with eviction next Monday, is part of an intimidation campaign by Labour. Ministers have appointed him as their consultant on PBS for many years.

Whilst we unreservedly condemn any such threats, we cannot accept Fr Borg’s spurious pious words, when PBS presenters have systematically carried out an anti-Labour campaign which has even been condemned by the Broadcasting Authority. 

Fr Borg has no proof that the anonymous letter was posted by a Labour supporter.  In fact, given the dirty tricks campaign conducted by the Nationalist Party and its supporters, one cannot exclude that it was posted by an agent provocateur.   Worse things are known to have happened (Terinu).

Fr Borg claims that Dr Muscat has failed to enforce a code of ethics on Super One and Maltastar journalists.  Apparently, he is an avid reader and follower of the PL media, but turns a blind eye to the obscenities committed by other journalists on the PN media and in blogs on supposedly independent newspapers, where bile and inflammatory language is the order of the day.

Fr Borg would have been more credible in his appeal had he asked the PN leader also to control the hotheads in the PN, rather than concentrating on Dr Muscat.  We are glad that Fr Borg has not been intimidated.  Perhaps one day he will write about the pernicious anti-labour bias of “journalists” employed by the State broadcaster.   Is it coincidence that nobody has accused the PBS presenters of anti-PN bias?

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Comments (8)


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 16:06

Joey Borg, hawn int iva, may I publicly state, that I for one, am glad that the reign of physiological terror via the practice of disinformation, misinformation or straight forward no information practised by PBS and their paid rottweilers, is soon coming to a deserved end. THEY HAVE DONE WORST THAN DARDIR MALTA. YES YOU HOLD THAT RECORD!!I and the majority of Malta's decent citizens publicly call for the return to us, not only of our island, but also of its institutions. What cheek has this priest (?) to accuse the Labour party of threats when the whole Maltese nation has been robbed so callously by those that swore to defend its interests.

Norman Shaw

- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 15:03

Fr. Joe Borg - Should either give up his priesthood & join GONZI PN or else keep his pious opinions to himself ....


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 14:19

dan ghadu bil mentalita ta l arcisqof gonzi,ifred u irrenja!!!


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 13:31

int suppost tahfer u tipridka mahfra mux tigdeb u tifred nies bhalek igibu nies jitbedu mill knisja

l fenech

- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 11:03

Fr. Joe Borg imissu jaghmel xogholu iqarben u iqaddes u ma jindahlx fil-politika, mhux postu f'din l'ghalqa sakemm mhux xi sagwaci personali ta' GonziPN.


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 10:42

Joe Borg has the right to support the NP and to write a blog that is unapologetically biased and anti Labour, similar in style and content to other PN Bloggers such as DCG and ABC. But he has to realise that, being so unashamedly un-objective, he loses credibility. This is inevitable. It therefore follows, that such silly accusations will be treated with the same incredulity as his other un-objective, biased assertions against the PL and in favour of the PN.

For someone who pretends to be the mouthpiece of the journalistic profession, its rectitude, honesty and professionalism, this must be hard for him to conceive let alone accept, but he has to. After all, he suffers this professional lack of credibility simply because he has to reap nothing but what he has sown.

He cannot have it both ways; Write un-objectively and be believed.


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 09:59

Fejn jaf ir-reverendu min baghat dik l-ittra ?. Ghandu xi provi li kien partitarju Laburist?. Jekk jaf ghandu jghid u jirraporta lill-pulizija kif iheggu jaghmel l-alla falz tieghu, GONZI. Jien iktar nahseb li kien xi far Nazzjonalista li ppostja dik l-ittra biex johloq dak ir-rizultat li xtaq. Bhalma ghandu dritt jahseb ir-reverendu, ghandi dritt jien ukoll nahseb . U ma nahsibx li jien il-boghod mill-verita'. Nafu bizzejjed il-kapacita' taghhom biex joholqu t-Terinati. BERIKNA Reverendu !!. Imidssek tisthi tkompli tohloq il-firda fil-poplu. Nies bhalek ikomplu jgerrxu n-nies mis-suppost knisja ta' Kristu. ISTHI, jekk taf. Ipokrita kristjan iehor.


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 07:29

Sewwa qal KRISTU, 'ghoqodu attenti ghax ulied id-dlam huma 'more shrewd' minn ulied id-dawl' JOSEPH qed jghidilna nghixu il-kmandament li taghna KRISTU'hobbu lil xulxin kif habbejtkom jien' JOSEPH ISAHHAH DAN BL'EZEMPJU...WARA KOLLOX MA NISKANTAWX ...IX-XITAN MILLI GHANDU ITIK. DIVITION, LIES HATE CHARACTER ASSASSINATION..ETC


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