GonziPN inciting supporters to break the law

Thursday, 07 Mar 2013, 23:32


The Nationalist Party and Simon Busuttil are urging people to break the electoral law by giving its supporters a digital tool to campaign for them on Saturday.

The law clearly states that it is prohibited to to disperse "any matter intended or likely to influence voters in the exercise" tomorrow, the so-called 'Reflection Day' or Saturday, Election Day.

However an official PN statement on its website as well as an email signed by Simon Busuttil is urging supporters to use a social media app to help spread the political message of voting in favour of PN on election day itself.

The PN article states: "You can then Tell Your Friends that you voted PN using two important social media channels – Facebook and Twitter. This might be the nudge they need. It may be the nudge we all need. We want to create a large social media wave of support on the 9th."

Simon Busuttil even sent an email publicising the 9th March campaign saying that this "could be the final push" that the party needed.

Any new publication of political messages is forbidden by law and legal experts told Maltastar.com that such case is a more serious one since a political institution is urging its supporters to break campaigning laws and make no secret about it by publishing it online.


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Comments (1)

Ivan C

- Fri 08-Mar-2013, 12:43

Set your TV on PBS and you easily notice that all todays programmes are propagandistic.
Shame on who is responsible.