A million reasons to vote for change

Thursday, 07 Mar 2013, 16:54


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The revelation that cabinet gave itself over a million euros to itself behind people's back is an example of the sheer arrogance of the past administration.

When electricity tariffs were increased and income tax decreases were not done as promised, the government went to say that this was due the economic crisis. An economic crisis that started the year before and which the Nationalist Party was well aware off when it did the projections, but let's not get into that.

The explanation, or excuse, that the economic crisis was why tariffs increased holds water only if it is across the board. It doesn't make sense to increase taxes and raise bills due to the economic crisis factor, but the same factor doesn't apply to a million euro raise to your own cabinet. A cabinet which was already handsomely paid, well above the average salary in Malta.

Rather than come straight on what happened and how much they received and paid back, ministers hide behind the shadows afraid of reporters asking questions.

This morning, Simon Busuttil didn't want stains on his hands and simply told the media to ask the PM and Paul Borg Olivier on how much from the €1.3 million did ministers pay back until today as he only became involved in the past couple months.

The mess smells so bad even their own deputy leader doesn't want to go close to it and as they say... he wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

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