There are lies, big lies and GonziPN lies

In the last few hours of the electoral campaign GonziPN has embarked on yet another whispering drive of lies and deceit, after their original campaign aimed at tarnishing the reputation of PL Leader Joseph Muscat directly failed miserably.

Some of lies being whispered by GonziPN supporters across Malta and Gozo are aimed to instill fear in voters on what could happen if Labour is elected in government and include expelling Filipino workers, sacking thousands of workers, stopping promotions in the Public Service, closing down Wasteserv,  government taking back de-requisitioned properties given back to citizens. These are all big fat lies!

GonziPN supporters have also been busy trying to demoralise Labour supporters and swing voters by saying that the PN has not only narrowed the gap with Labour but it is ahead by some 500 votes. This is totally against what the surveys done by the parties and independent newspapers are saying.

GonziPN’s use of the power of incumbency to grant favours and try to win back disgruntled voters has failed to dent the double digit lead in opinion polls PL has on GonziPN. This lead was confirmed by the latest MaltaToday survey published this morning.

GonziPN supporters in various government departments and agencies are telling their colleagues that if they were not able to give them a promotion or anything they needed by this week then a new PN government would surely do it after the election.

In the meantime PL Leader Joseph Muscat has called for calm and urged everyone to vote, otherwise staying at home will be just as good as voting Lawrence Gonzi back in power for 5 more years. He has insisted that surveys are not worth even one vote and that all votes count.

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Comments (12)


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 23:37

Ara veru ma jafx jithi Gonzipn!!! mela Tonio ta l-arloggi u Austin gew mohbija mix xena u imbaghad spiccaw waqghu ghal Eddie biex forsi jigborom ftit!!! Imma it tkaxkira li gejja fuqghom hija inevitabbli!!!Qazzistuna BIG TIME ISSA!!!Warrbu minn nofs u ghamlu l-wisa ghal min hu serju!!


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 22:57

thank GOD we have Joseph, I and all my family will give him our support on saturday. I am an expn courage friends, lets have a try on this man who speaks of peace and reconciliation


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 22:16

time has showed that labour always took an election defeat peacefully, On the other hand if the pn clique are defeated they will revert to violence and blame it on the pl!GOD HELP US, PROTECT US, AND DELIVER US FROM EVIL.. AMEN!


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 21:12

The power of incumbence is illegal. A change in government should identidfy all these acts and follow up on them.

The PL should not repeat its mistake by taking business as usual as this would worsen the situation in next elections


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 19:30

Happy election day to all Maltese and say yes to PN.
Happy to be Maltese Canadian.


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 18:53

PN dejjem kien partit li gverna bil gideb.Jinqeda b'nies biex jizawhom biss ghall vot.Pn stieden persuna transgender biex taghmel mistoqsijiet lill Gonzipn.Li ma tafx din il-persuna u l-Gay Right Movement hu x'qal Gonz f'intervista li saritlu zmiem ilu,w xandret fuq magazine li jittqassam ma gazzetta ta nhar ta Hadd.Lill Gonzipn saqsewh Whether he would accept someone gay as a party member.His reply was an UNEQIUVOCAL NO.Allura kif stennejtu li se jibatilkhom risposta ghall memorandum li bghatlu l-Gay Right Movement.Ghalhekk sinjuri li taghmlu parti mill komunita LGBT l-unika soluzzjoni taghkhom hija li tivvotaw ghall Moviment Laburista ghax fih biss hemm it tama taghkhom .Gonzipn dejjem uza in-nies u wara taghom biss sieq.Il-lupu qatt ma jibdel sufu.

ta kafkaf

- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 18:03

I heard that EFA is going to speak at PN mass meeting on Fosos. I guess it's time for his annual lie.


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 17:51

Ma nahsibx li Fenech Adami se jghid xi gidba llejla. Aktar nahseb li se jispjega lin-nies kif jakkwistaw xi petrol station.


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 17:47

Minn dawn il-kummenti hawn isfel tidher cara il-kampanja pozittiva u 'Malta taghna Lkoll'.


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 17:22

U ma ninsewx il-GIDEB FAHXI ta' Eddie Fenech Adami ta' kull qabel elezzoni!

Ha jkollna aktar minnhom l-lejla min dan il-"GIMMICK" tal-Partit nazzjonalista?


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 17:09

These lies are the new glue holding Gonzi's rapidly disintegrating campaign together.

l fenech

- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 15:49

M'hawnx koxra ta' banana wahda li Gonzi ma selaqx figha. Sar partit ma kull nifs tohrog gidba.