The dangers of voting GonziPN

Thursday, 07 Mar 2013, 16:52



Just imagine walking into a supermarket on your weekly shopping trip and being told by the cashier that the aisles were closed due to some maintenance work and you could not wander around to pick up items from the shelf in the usual manner.  However, you are told that the management had come up with an idea whereby you could still go back home with stuff to eat and drink.  

They had assembled two types of food packages, A and B, and you could choose one you might want to purchase rather than leave the store empty-handed.  You take a good look at the packages and discover that there are items you like in both the packages, items you like somewhat less and items you don't like at all.  In the end, if you want to have something to eat, you have to make a choice decide one way or the other. 

To many voters, choosing which party to vote for poses a similar decision.  You might not like all the PL proposals and similarly there might be a number of PN proposals you will not like.  Again you might have wished for some items to be included but neither package contains them.  But in the end you need to make a choice.  Carrying the food package analogy a bit further, you might also discover that one of the packages is full of items that contain an ingredient that you are not fond off or that you feel is harmful to your health.  You might not like fish and package A contains a lot of seafood items.  

I believe that the PN package contains an ingredient that many Maltese do not appreciate. It is basically an attitude compounded of arrogance, bigotry and intolerance to any view which does not subscribe to the notion that the only party worthy of being in government in Malta is the Nationalist Party.  

This attitude is reinforced by the utterances of leading voices within the PN.  The new face of the PN, namely their recently elected deputy leader, states that individuals have Nationalist and presumably Labour faces, implying somehow that political beliefs are the result of some genetic trait and not emanating from rational, informed choices.  

Richard Cachia Caruana, in a Times interview some months back stated that he thinks "that Joseph Muscat and the people around him will damage the country seriously if they get into power. Vindictiveness will also become a way of life.”  And of course this style of talk is standard fare from the PN leader who has recently stated that a Labour government would make us ashamed of being Maltese.

The common ingredient to be found in the Labour package is a much more positive and healthy one.  It is an inclusive message that will give us a healthier, more vibrant and tolerant society.  It does not try to hang blue or red labels on individuals and treat them according.  

Re-electing the PN into government will mean that the Maltese population endorses the past behaviour and attitude of the PN.  It will mean that our citizens agree that our government should treat us as if we are two separate tribes with one being inferior and less deserving than the other.  The PN leaders will feel that the Maltese agree with their divisive style of running our country and will see no reason to change their way of doing things. That, to my mind, is the main danger of voting PN.

Godfrey Vella

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Comments (2)


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 17:07

"Richard Cachia Caruana, in a Times interview some months back stated that he thinks "that Joseph Muscat and the people around him will damage the country seriously if they get into power. Vindictiveness will also become a way of life.”

Is this hidden power broker sure he is not referring to the GonziPN style of doing politics? Because that certainly is what it sounds like!!


- Tue 05-Mar-2013, 11:39

Godfrey you are so right. The main problem is that the PM, Simon, RCC, their main bloggers DCG, A Borg Cardona, Father Joe and die hard supporters actually do believe in superiority and their bigoted utterances. The PM’s statement that we would be ashamed to be Maltese if a Labour Government were ever elected is amazing. It unwittingly exposes his sense of superiority to and disdain for Labour and its supporters. I do however believe that just as these people have been shell shocked by the polished, professional well executed campaign the PL has conducted, they will be even more shocked and sorrowful that their predictions of Armageddon will be proven wrong should Malta elect a Labour government.

If and when this happens, only then can we hope to see a change in the opaque, negative, bigoted, nasty, patronizing PNSpeak way of campaigning. At that point, the PN itself will realize that the only way forward will ‘sine qua non’ require the change of the guard that currently rules the roost at the PN strategy room. Until these people change we cannot realistically expect the PN to change its style.


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