Malta with one of lowest hourly pay rates in EU

Malta has one of the lowest gross hourly rates of pay in the EU, with just  over €7 compared to an EU average of €14.02 per hour and €15.22 in the 17 eurozone countries. This despite the fact that the rate has gone up for Malta up since 2006 and down in the financially troubled countries.

This statistic is provided by Eurostat Labour Market surveys.

Denmark has the highest rate with €27.9, followed by Ireland (€22.23) and Luxembourg (€21.95). At the end of the table there are Bulgaria and Romania with less than €3.

In terms of the gender pay gap, Maltese women still receive less pay than males. This gap, although one of the lowest in the EU, has increased by 2% in Malta in recent years according to Eurostat.

These statistics are a blow to GonziPN’s claims that it has created 20,000 well-paid jobs in the last 5 years.

These figures also have to been seen in the light of the fact that the Maltese pay some of the highest electricity rates in the EU, fuel does not come cheap and LPG gas prices literally exploded.

The price of a 15kg LPG gas cylinder has quadrupled to €18,15 since 2008.

For a medium car, to fill up a tank of 55 litres with unleaded petrol it costs €2.75 more in Malta than in other countries throughout the world. To fill the whole tank you need to fork out €83.60. In fact, fuel prices in Malta are higher than most EU Member States such as Spain, Hungary, Austria, Cyprus, Poland, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria. The same applies with diesel prices.

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Comments (3)


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 18:25

I remember that in the 1990s, the PN had started comparing the AVERAGE rather than the MINIMUM wages. This makes it seem that Malta has been making progress over the last few years - however, the average wage is increasing only because the highest wages are increasing. The lowest wages are remaining the same or getting worse (PREKARJAT).


- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 16:53


l fenech

- Thu 07-Mar-2013, 15:58

Skont l'expert tal-finanzi il-Maltin ghandhom l'aktar pagi gholja fl'EU. Jien nahseb li kien qed jirriferi ghal paga tieghu u ta' shabu plus il 600 li kienu hadu ras fuq ras.