GWU welcomes PL's promise on IPSL workers

Monday, 04 Feb 2013, 13:18


The Metal and Construction Section within the General Workers Union (GWU) has welcomed the pledge made by PL leader Joseph Muscat that a PL government will discuss a collective agreement for the employees of IPSL.

GWU stated that IPSL employees have been ignored by GonziPN since 2003. Their wages were frozen while they still worked in the dockyard.

In 2012 the Union made two official requests for discussions to be held and the working conditions of these employees to be discussed however GWU received no reply.


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Comments (2)


- Tue 05-Feb-2013, 06:37

U l ex-haddiema ta l airmalta!!!!

Josette Ciantar

- Mon 04-Feb-2013, 14:27

Mal-haddiema tad-Dockyard hemm ukoll ahna haddiema tal-MDC.Jiena ex haddiema tal-MDC u l-paga tieghi ilha ffrizata mit 2004. Nispera li ahna bhala haddiema nigu kkonsultati dwar xi Collective Agreement gdid biex nghatu l-opinjoni taghna ukoll.

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