Debono: how were PN candidates screened?

 Reacting to the declaration by PN leader Lawrence Gonzi that all PN candidates were screened before they were approved to contest the coming election on the PN ticket, Franco Debono asks: “Screened for what? – For drug trafficking? For unprofessional behaviour with patients? For treating patients while drunk? For the abusive issuing of medical certificates? For what? Can Gonzi tell us?”

Debono also asks: “Can Gonzi tell us how did Dolores Cristina lose the Family Ministry and what screening was carried out on Stephen Spiteri?

Spiteri has been approved as a PN candidate on the 2nd District. In 2011 Spiteri missed 81% of parliamentary sittings. For many years he did not bother to declare his assets. His links to Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi guaranteed him a seat in parliament when he contested for the first time in 2008. He was the last to be elected on his district.

He defended his poor attendance by saying: “I cannot afford to climb all those stairs (the Palace staircase leading to the House of Representatives) just for two minutes to say ‘hello’ and leave. During that time I can do more important things: be it politics, my medical profession or other things.”

He also said that he would be ready to sacrifice more of his time to his parliamentary duties if he gets a better pay as at the moment he has to work as a medical doctor to bring in the money. He defended the €500 weekly rise for ministers although he was not sure that the timing was right.

Dr Spiteri’s behaviour was also criticised last year by Government MP Jean Pierre Farrugia even though he did not mention him by name.

Dr Stephen Spiteri had also said that his conscience was telling him to vote ‘No’ to divorce even though he has no qualms when it comes to parliamentary duties and certain aspects of his lifestyle.





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Comments (9)


- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 16:42

@ED....tindaħalx. Ilħaq salibek!!!!!

G. Bugeja

- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 13:16

Dr Frnco wait until the elections are over. It seems that GonziPN are leading to a heavy defeat. Then it will be your turn. Remember that half of those candidates clapping after Gonzi are hypocrites. They will be the first to join you.


- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 12:42

Franco, if you sincerely believed people loved you, then you really had 2 options:

- contest idenpendent
- ask to join the MLP. They loved you and always admired your ways so thye should take you on board


- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 12:13

Hasra li bniedem validu, relevanti, u kompetenti b'karattru sod u deteminanti li m'ghandekx kantunieri se tispicca mix-xena politika.Malta ghandha bzonnok u bzonn nies bhalek li fejn l- affarijiet mhux sejrin tajjeb they will stand up and declare mhux nahbu u nipprotegu l- hazen minflok inxerrdu t-tajjeb.


- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 12:06

Stephen Spiteri's major qualification seems to be the fact that he is related to the PM. What with Gonzi's brother and his relative in the PN Parliamentary group, small wonder that outsiders like franco Debono were made to feel unwelcome. All in the family....

John G Dimech

- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 11:44

It's not your business Dr Debono!
Who do you think you are to quest what the PN is doing or not? You are 'irrelevant' to us! Go to your haven in Italy! Now one will miss you, except ONE TV!


- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 11:33

'how were PN candidates screened?' - probably better than last time. Coz yes, it can happen that a candidate puts his personal ambitions before his constituents and the Party.


- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 11:25

Screening biex meta jghid xi haga Gonzi jghidulu YES SIR YES SIR mhux bhalma ghamilt int Franco ma bzajtx u iddefendejt il-karba tal-poplu. Hasra li Gonzi u ta madwaru remewk ghax int kellek x'toffri lil pajjiz imma irfistilhom il-kallu hi. Hemm minnhom lanqas jitkellmu ma jafu u hemm minnhom hlief valenu u hdura ma tohrogx minn halqom. Jien nawguralek minn qalbi Franco u jalla jkollokdak li tixtieq


- Thu 31-Jan-2013, 11:07

Yes Franco Debono is right when he states that there are candidates for the general election that should not have been approved, ghax m'ghandhomx karattru xieraq. Time willt ell. I hope that those who approved these candidates will shoulder their responsibility.