Sex scenes filmed in Gozo

Episode One of the HBO's TV series "Game of Thrones" which was aired yesterday (in English version) on the French satellite station Canal + showed a topless dancer (could be Maltese?) dancing on location at Dwejra Bay Gozo. The next scene showed a simulation of a soldier having sex with another scantily clad dancer in the same location surrounded by members of the cast and tens of Maltese and Gozitan extras. 

Although the filming took place in a public place, the Police did not intervene even though Maltese laws on morality were broken. 

Church authorities in Gozo at the time of the filming were not aware that such sex scenes were being shot on the island.

The filming, at the time had caused a furore because the protected eco system at Dwejra had been damaged.

Local newspaper Times of Malta which carried interviews with some of the Maltese taking part in the filming did not mention filming any such scenes although it referred to a Maltese extra who featured in a bathhouse scene with actress Emilia Clarke.

The series has already been aired on Sky Italia and Sky UK channels. It is expected to feature among the evening programmes of an Italian TV station in the coming months.

Photo: Dwejra clean up after shooting of film



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Comments (8)


- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 15:34

U ajma... Kif qal Duncan... 2013 edin ta! mux 1913... Mela missna nalqu l-media taljana... ax nixbaw naraw zejza hirga min naha u ma jonqosx xi farfett hireg min naha ohra.

M Pisani

- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 15:31

A bit out-dated really. The episode in question was aired locally about a year ago (Melita). The series is now in its 2nd season.
Also, I assume the area used for filming was closed off to the public (as is often the case on film-sets), meaning the scenes were not shot in public per se.


- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 15:00

Whoever thought this is worth publishing is an idiot. Period.


- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 14:32

Xi dwejjaq ta' artiklu ostra -___-

1. Kmieni indunaw eh, wasalna għat-tielet season tas-series
2. showed a topless dancer (could be Maltese?). MADONNA SANTISSMA!
3. Church authorities in Gozo at the time of the filming were not aware that such sex scenes were being shot on the island.

U x'kienu se jagħmlu? Imorru bil-furkettun u l-ilma imbierek?

Charles Busuttil

- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 12:34

This brings to mind the 1960s when the statue of our Lady was removed from ir-Ramla bay, stored in a garage owned by a PN Gozitan MP and in its stead a naked women posed to be filmed. SMAHE.


- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 12:08

Le Sur fred mhix sirna dojjoq imma kieku saru taht gvern laburista holl xgharek u gieb iz - zejt imma taht dawn kollox jista issir

Duncan Scerri

- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 11:57

"Police did not intervene even though Maltese laws on morality were broken." Seriously, people, get out of the Dark Ages.


- Fri 11-Jan-2013, 10:26

kemm sirna dojjoq !!!