Malta discriminates against EU citizens

Thursday, 25 Oct 2012, 06:57


I am writing to you as an EU National who chose, when registering in Malta as a long term resident, as is required by law after 3 months, and receiving an ID card stating residency the opportunity to vote in Malta at the local council elections.

We understand that over 12,000 odd votes in a Local Election are mostly insignificant to the Major parties, but they are votes waiting to be won.

The institutionalized racism in Malta has reached epidemic proportions, mainly associated to ARMS LTD and could even be attributed to Arriva too as these are without doubt in the public eye and therefore highly visible to all who live here and all who visit.

EU Nationals throughout the 27 EU member states are privy to Freedom of movement and equality with local Nationals. Nowhere in those 27 states are EU nationals forced to pay anymore or any less for Goods, Services, Education, Transport, Utilities, with the exception of Malta.

The European Commission states this is illegal.  Malta whilst holding their hands out and desperately trying to retain their status for funding insist on charging most, Non Maltese, EU nationals, those who fund the EU funds, through previously paid taxes whilst in their own respective countries, exorbitant charges on their Utilities at 35-40% more for Electricity and 65% for water, not to mention illegal deposits, so much so that many have left the Island.  

Malta and its economy, depends largely on tourism.  A holiday in Malta can actually be more expensive than a Holiday in Dubai, due mainly to the “here comes a tourist” overcharging mentality, but can we really blame the local trader when the Corporations get away with it?  But worse still is the “if you don’t like it go back to your own country” mentality, hardly abides by the concept of reciprocal treatment.

EUCAD (European Union Citizens Against Discrimination) a recently formed group of like minded non political people, are currently in the process of initiating  a Class Action Against ARMS LTD, (our first port of call,) and then intend to bring  a law suit within the  next year to ensure, every  EU national is compensated for the years 2004 - date, with every bill re-examined and refunded for overpayment, in full, and with interest, whilst calling on  the EU Commission to cease all funding to Malta until ALL Malta’s residents,  (both Maltese and Non Maltese) including  EU Nationals who have taken long term residency  are placed on the same charges for Utilities and all other services.

We understand that the European Commission decided 27 September 2012 to send a letter of formal notice to Malta for incorrect application of the free movement Directive.

To benefit from reduced water and electricity tariffs, EU citizens residing in Malta need to submit specific residence documents – other means for proving their residence are not accepted by the MT authorities. By contrast, Maltese citizens need only to submit a copy of their identity card (and no proof of residence).

This discriminatory treatment is not in line with EU law and creates an unacceptable obstacle to exercising the right to free movement and residence. We thus take action to ensure that EU citizens are able to fully enjoy their rights.

Patricia Graham, E.U.C.A.D (European Union Citizens Against discrimination)

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Comments (1)

Fiona Eyre

- Thu 25-Oct-2012, 18:57

In the UK all residents are treated equally some non UK non eu residents actually get more benefits allowances.etc than those who "belong"

Yet UK and EU citizens in Malta are charged massinve excessive charges. So not right.

Wake up Malta before the EU withdraw your subsidies and tourists stop visiting or seeking residence


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