Gas cylinder prices up from Monday

Liquigas Malta Limited announced higher LPG cylinder prices effective as from Monday 1st October.  The 12kg cylinder will be  €19.60 while the 15kg cylinder will be €24.50.

Liquigas justified the price increase by saying that "Prices on the international market of LPG have increased as a result of increased demand within the Mediterranean region related to the start of winter buying. Market prices started to increase again in July 2012, hitting USD 1,000 in September 2012, resulting in the current increase of €1.10 per 12kg cylinder."

Liquigas said distributors of Liquigas cylinders are not authorised to charge additional prices over and above the above prices.

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Comments (5)


- Sun 30-Sep-2012, 18:45

Reply to Samurai

Wowww . . . . x'inteligenza hierga min mohhok

Michael Scicluna

- Sun 30-Sep-2012, 16:36

When prices of essential commodities go up it is not inflation, it is deflation in our pockets.

cittadin malti

- Sun 30-Sep-2012, 15:36

This is the life style of the maltese people that Gonzipn is hoping to live under his dictoterate governancy by the increase of the cost of living and poverty reign till gonzipn stays in power.


- Sun 30-Sep-2012, 14:13

Qed tara kemm iħobbhom Gonzipn lil tal-minimum wage!!


- Sun 30-Sep-2012, 13:13

As from tomorrow, every body start eating a lot of baked beans and either sit on a gas cylinder and fill it up himself or stick the pipe up the back side, before gonzidcgpn does it.