Joseph Muscat launches new website

Thursday, 13 Sep 2012, 14:52


The PL Leader Joseph Muscat has launched his new website at and announced it through an e-mail shot to subscribers.  The website not only has a fresh new look ready to deliver his thoughts and messages but also make it very easy for citizens to keep in touch with him.

In his e-mail shot, Dr Muscat writes:
Next week, the Labour Party’s Congress will be a groundbreaking event in Malta that will demonstrate powerfully that we mean what we say. At the same time, I am launching the new site - have a look and let me know what you think.
I believe that you must have YOUR say on the change you want to see in our country over the next decade.
The Lawrence Gonzi government is stuck in a rut, happier talking about the past than presenting ideas for the future.
We are different. I have an ambition for a better Malta and I am determined that you play a part in it. I have said it before, but this is your campaign – not anybody else’s. is the place where anybody - even if they are not a member of a party - can have their say and contribute their ideas.
You can post your ideas, share them and discuss them. We may not agree on everything, but be assured your views WILL be heard.
So, please visit Share YOUR idea with me. Tell me what YOU think.
This is our future.
YOUR ideas count.
P.S. Will you forward this email to five of your friends and family and encourage them to contribute too?"

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Comments (2)

Carmel Sciberras

- Thu 13-Sep-2012, 18:19

A very BIG Well Done for this bright idea. This is the dynamism we are longing for. Proset !

cittadin malti

- Thu 13-Sep-2012, 13:20

idea ohra pozittiva hu ta kontribut siewi bil-website gdida ta joseph muscat il-leader tal-PL fejn kull wiehed u wahda ghandhu l-opportunita lijesprimi ideat ghal-futur ta Malta gdida taht it-tmexxija ta gvern laburista imexxi min Dr:Joseph Muscat prim ministru
ghal-gejjieni tal-haddiem Malti hu Ghawdxi kollu.