Guilty of beating a woman colleague at work

Friday, 15 Jun 2012, 17:09


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37 year old Christian Grixti from Cospicua was given a three year suspended sentence after he was found guilty of beating up a woman colleague at the workplace and of breaking her mobile phone after an argument he had with her.

The incident happened on 23 July 2010 at Kastell Wine Bar in Tarxien where Christian Grixti was the manager of the kitchen and Juanita Muscat was the bar and services manager.

During an argument Grixti started accusing Muscat of not doing her job well. He also insulted her with a condition that her brother has. She had called the owner and told him what happened and when he told her that he wanted to speak to Grixti, Grixti had taken the mobile and slammed it on the floor.

The court said that once the two do not work together anymore and Grixti has a clean criminal record he had to pay Juanita Muscat €259 to pay for the mobile phone that he smashed during the argument they had.



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