Only time will tell

Thursday, 14 Jun 2012, 03:38


The evidence being given in the discussion before the EFAC in Parliament is raising more questions than giving answers. Instead of getting closer to the truth we seem to be getting further away. If this is the way that Malta expects to introduce reforms, then the dignity of our Parliament should be re-worded.

In a statement presented to the European and Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament, Richard Cachia Caruana claimed that he was unaware of the Gonzi government’s intention to renew Malta’s involvement in the Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme. Mr. Cachia Caruana said that he was only ‘informed’ of the government’s intentions to re-activate Malta’s participation the PfP after the 2008 election. If and only if, Mr. Cachia Caruana’s recollections were accurate, then there are serious consequences, that had not surfaced before.

It is widely known that Richard Cachia Caruana wields a certain amount of power within government and PN circles. He was one of the first people that Dr. Gonzi thanked when being returned to power in 2008. It is very difficult to believe that RCC’s position as Malta’s Permanent representative to the European Union is little more than that of an errand boy. Assuming that the Prime Minister’s version of events was correct and assuming that the testimony that Cachia Caruana attended cabinet meetings regularly since 1991 was also correct, who can explain where was this Government decision taken?

The Prime Minister had said that Cachia Caruana was following government’s instructions, which are normally taken at Cabinet level. If this is the case then what was Cachia Caruana doing attending cabinet meetings, when he says he does not know what was discussed 4 years previously? Something is wrong, either with the Prime Minister’s or RCC’s testimony or with their memory.

GonziPN knows that it has no leg to stand on. The Chairman of the European and Foreign Affairs committee, Dr. Zammit Dimech is assuming the role of defense lawyer during proceedings. Amongst other things, he is reported to have objected to the line of questioning by Opposition members. The PL members were putting forward questions to Cachia Caruana and to the AG in matters relating to the hearing of this motion. Zammit Dimech’s  role of chairman is not compatible with his actions.

Dr. Gonzi, Richard Cachia Caruana and other PN members involved in these proceedings are doing their utmost to steer away from the real issue. The government side, especially Dr. Gonzi and Cachia Caruana have been saying that the opposition is accusing Cachia Caruana of treason. There is no mention of the word, in the motion presented by PL Members of Parliament Dr. George Vella and Dr. Luciano Busuttil.  GonziPN is once again confusing issues to de-rail the real proceedings.

The people hope that this in not another version of the Big Lie theory. As the saying goes: “If one lies often enough, one starts to believe in one’s own lies”. Unfortunately, only time will tell.


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Comments (1)

john P Busuttil

- Thu 14-Jun-2012, 17:31

I am not surprised that the real truth will never surface. We are dealing with sophists where their aim is to win a case at all cost and never to tell the truth if the truth is not on their winning side. When i was working overseas and had a tough case to handle,I prayed God to help me identify the truth on which to base my judgement. An elder person was eager to present me with his version of what truth is.....TRUTH is ....what you want to believe.......what you want others to believe.....and what lies between you and God. I let the readers reach their own conclusions.


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