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Friday, 01 Jun 2012, 05:54


On Monday evening Prime Minister Gonzi’s government will get the vote of confidence that it is asking for. But nothing will change. As it did not change after it got the vote of confidence a few months ago. It will still be an unstable government spreading instability in the country.

The only change in government will probably be a change in surname as a double-barreled blue-eyed boy with long standing family ties in the PN hierarchy replaces a similar one at the Ministry of Home Affairs. The clique is doing all it can to perpetuate itself and cling on to power.

The confidence motion presented by Gonzi is just another exercise in prolonging the life of this clique.

The motion will be presented on Monday and decided upon on Monday. One has to bear in mind that a few weeks ago, Dr. Gonzi said that it was shameful of the Labour Party to cap the debate on a no confidence motion to just one sitting. He had said that it was against standing orders especially because of the importance of no confidence motions. He had said that the Government would not accept this arrogance from the Labour party. This is a most obvious case of two weights and two measures, something which GonziPN has become an expert on.

The agreement of the PL to debate the motion in one sitting is the complete opposite of PN’s stance. The PL has been consistent throughout. What was acceptable last December is still acceptable six months later.

The motion on the vote of confidence will come and go on Monday and nothing will change as a number of government MPs will vote with government not because they have confidence in it but simply because they do not want to be blamed for bringing the government’s downfall leading to an early election.

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Comments (2)


- Fri 01-Jun-2012, 11:26

Min jaf kif se jehodha Franco X hin l prim ministru jhabbar l hatra ta beppe Fenech Adami bhala ministru?Jitbaqbaq hu u jgawdi haddiehor,hekk sew!


- Fri 01-Jun-2012, 06:56

Nistaqsi lill Edwin Vassallo u shabu inkluz il Prim... Fejn hi l-irgulija li ghajtu biha u il biki li bkew li il mozzjoni ta Carm kienet mozzjoni ta sfiducja fil gvern? Veru nies li li jghidu issa ma jaqbilx ma li jaghmlu minuta wara. Is sakra ghall poter kienet, ghada u tibqa go fihom.


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