Mistaking the wood for the trees

Wednesday, 30 May 2012, 04:06


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The motion seeking the resignation of the Home Affairs Minister is one of accountability and of assumption of responsibilities. It is not a motion against an individual, it is against the way the Ministry has mal/functioned in this legislature. The person running the show is ultimately responsible and if this person could not keep a check on wrongdoings then he has to assume responsibility. This is the norm all over the world in democratic countries and Malta should not be an exception.

The government, in its eagerness to protect its own, is possibly making the mistake of mixing the whole issue, or it is deliberately trying to de-rail proceedings and hence responsibility. The PN is taking a narrow approach and shifting focus on Dr. Carm Mifsud Bonnici, when it should see the broader picture of improving the functions of the Ministry. GonziPN is mistaking the wood for the trees.

No Labour MP has criticised Dr. Mifsud Bonnici personally. Criticism of the inefficient way that the Ministry has been run is a duty. The serious shortcomings in the motivation of the Police Force; the chaos that runs at the Corradino Correction facility and the fact that at the CCF, drug use and abuse is rampant. There have also been serious questions that demanded serious replies, which have never been forthcoming. The situation within the Civil Protection department is farcical, a case of which is the leasing out of the fire fighting training facility.

Laws regarding fundamental Human rights, most of which have already been decided in the European Court of Human Rights, have been left on the back burner for a long time. The introduction of parole has been lying on the Ministry’s desks waiting for implementation for a long time. The whistleblower act has only made it through the first reading since being presented in July 2010.

The government side has consistently portrayed this parliamentary scrutiny as vindictive, opportunistic and dishonest. It is the PN that is trying to turn this censure and call for resignation motion into a personal one. Government MPs have challenged the Labour Party on several issues, some of which involving certain personalities. Yet the PL has brushed off this provocation and no challenges or personal attacks were made by the opposition. All speakers from the PL side have reiterated that they have nothing personal against Dr. Carm Mifsud Bonnici.

During this debate, several Ministers’ wives have been attending parliamentary sessions. There is nothing wrong in this and everybody has the right to express one’s free will. The Labour party has no issue with the presence of any wives or partners in a show of support. In presenting this motion, the PL is, in fact, supporting those wives or partners of individuals who have been hard hit with the inefficient running of the Ministry.  




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