From Westin to Tigne point

Thursday, 17 May 2012, 03:49



Has Emperor RCC now left the Westin and gone shopping to Tigne Point to buy some clothes, as the latest farce to erupt from the PN government would appear to indicate that a cover up is on the cards?

The Opposition rightly want to question RCC over whether he exceeded the limits of his brief, or briefs or worse. If GonziPN has nothing to hide, why this panic to ask RCC a few questions in a Committee in Parliament? Yet Gonzi PN are so determined to stand by the man who masterminded the last election campaign that they are summoning the great and the good from overseas. We are not surprised.

Lawrence Gonzi even stood by Austin Gatt in all the disasters he has managed, from Arriva to Enemalta and many others. Unfortunately for these islands, the Gonzi PN philosophy is to stand by those who do not perform, to never admit to the cracks in leadership or to poor performance, to reduce parliament to a PN/RCC rubberstamp, and, worst of all, to never learn from their mistakes and to grow more arrogant by the day.

It appears, that by inviting people from overseas, as endorsements no doubt, that the PN government wants to wash their not so clean linen in public, hoping the public will not notice because they are simultaneously buying new clothes to cover up for the Emperor known as RCC.

On Tuesday night they, as in the PN led by a Francis Zammit Dimech who used to know better, squirmed and stubbornly refused to let RCC, not to be confused with the RC Running Commentary of the Bidnija blogger, be interviewed first.

The public is getting tired. The PN are making a mockery of our Parliament. The people are tired but the Maltese people are patient. They can see through the lies, the games and the detritus. Yes, The PN are tightening their noose, their media and the national media churn out pro government propaganda on a daily basis. PBS has degenerated into the PN's best electoral weapon besides the power to suddenly buy votes though permits, jobs, contracts and the like.

Will the people be fooled again by these antics? Judging by how quiet people have become recently they know the PN game is up. If the PN only knew what the people really thought about them they would call it a day. Unfortunately they, like the Emperor who leads them are too busy buying clothes like the new Parliament building and bridges to nowhere to notice. Most importantly of all, people will not tell them what they plan to do for fear of reprisal. Only the ones who can be bought back are complaining openly.

The PN, like the Emperor with no clothes, have gone shopping to get votes back. How much can be bought back will ultimately determine the result of the next election.


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Comments (2)


- Thu 17-May-2012, 17:57

"The PN are making a mockery of our Parliament." >> OK Labour, you are right obviously. BUT the big question is what do you intend doing about it!!


- Thu 17-May-2012, 08:49

vera dak francis dejjem fuq il medja jiggieled ghalihom..u ara kemm hadu hsiebu lil Francis? mhux ministru illum Kullhadd qed jistaqsi....francis xgaralu? ex pn


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