Tripoli sounds the alarm about illegal immigration


Libyan Foreign Affairs Minister Ashour Bin Khaial said this morning in Rome after his meeting with Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Giulio Terzi that: "We fear that illegal immigration is going to get worse.”

He said: “We want to raise the alarm and warn Italy and the EU to be ready to deal with illegal immigration.”

Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Giulio Terzi said “This is an urgent issue that we need to address at EU level. I will be in Brussels on Monday and we need a plan to deal with it.”

In the last few days boatloads of migrants have started arriving again in Malta, Lampedusa and Linosa.



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Comments (12)

Lowell for MEP

- Mon 14-May-2012, 22:04

Come on Norman Lowell. We want you for an MEP.

Louis Gialanze

- Sun 13-May-2012, 22:22

Goodbye Europe Hello Africa

Cogito, ergo nocens sum.

James A. Tyrrell

- Sun 13-May-2012, 14:46

Allowing the use of the Burka would be the first step in the downfall of your country. When are Governments going to grow a pair and stand up to these people. If they take it upon themselves to leave their country and come to Malta or Italy or the UK or wherever then they should accept the values of the society that they are entering, not expect the country to change to their values. A plan to deal with it is simple. The EU should swamp the coast of Africa with patrol boats and any immigrants trying to get through should be blasted out of the water. Wars have been fought before between Christians and Muslims and we might as well get the next one going as soon as possible. To avoid doing so will only give them time to organise. These people have made it clear that they are not interested in live and let live. They have made it clear that they want an Islamic Europe. It is up to us to make it clear to them that this will never happen.

Norman Lowell

- Sun 13-May-2012, 11:40

We need someone who has got the guts to stand up to the illegal immigrants invasion.

Number 1 for Norman Lowell if he contests the next EP election.


- Sun 13-May-2012, 08:10

This morning I read on Kullhadd that the authorities are considering allowing the use of the Burka.

It is disgusting that the authorities are considering that the law be changed to allow the use of the Burka.

Can the authorities stoop so low and lick AR$E$ to appear and to really appease those who are still living in the dark ages?

When are the people going to rise up against this imposition?

How would I know who is hiding behind the Burka?

How many terrorists were caught and how many used the Burka to carry out their attacks?

Why should any person be brought before the courts if s/he uses a mask not during carnival and the Burka be allowed to be used?

No, we must NOT accept that the Burka be allowed in Malta.

We must protest and BAN the Burka as has happened in France and other places.

We must NOT change OUR ways to appease those who want to use the Burka, especially those who came here illegally.

THEY must CHANGE as long as they are allowed to stay here, and they MUST be sent back to their own countries unless the authorities want to have a civil war in Malta.

I for one will pull the Burka off anyone wearing it and then see if the authorities have the guts to take me to court because I have a right to see who is hiding behind it in MY COUNTRY.


- Sun 13-May-2012, 00:52

Am i the only one that think that this is going to be an issue that will end up by more illegal imigrants in europe and would be the begining of the invasion of the african people i think europe is lost for ever time will tell

Send them back

- Sat 12-May-2012, 22:44

Rene Levasseur totally agree with you. All illegal immigrants including those who are presently in Malta must be expelled back to Libya or to their own countries. even if they have been given refugee status. They can claim their refugee status in another African country.

Nicholas Bonello

- Sat 12-May-2012, 19:09

It seems that in spite of the new government in Libya nothing has changed. Illegal migrants will flood Malta this summer and our gutless government will do nothing except accept them.
How come the illegals never give clues of to whom they paid the money to be able to leave Libya? How come the Maltese Authorities do not insist on this?
How come Libya with all its praise for the Maltese assistance during the recent turmoil does nothing to stop the trafficking in humans?
Our gutless government was only good to publicize the praises of its supposed effort during the Libyan revolution, but, but still does nothing to tell the present Libyan powers that be to stop the trafficking in human lives.
Send them back straight away.

Vigu Vigu

- Sat 12-May-2012, 18:16

In the first place they should not let them to enter their country. Other wise they should expect that other countries will send them back. These is a lot of space in Libya.

Rene Levasseur

- Sat 12-May-2012, 18:11

The tactics of the illegal immigrant runners have changed. They are now bringing the immigrants in a mother ship just off the horizon and disembarking their human cargo into small boats that drift into Maltese waters. The solution seems simple for me. As soon as one of these ship is spotted in international waters, it should be boarded by the Maltese military and if found to contain illegal human cargo, the ship and all on it should be escorted back to Libya, the crew handed over to the Libyan authorities, and the ship blacklisted.

William Massa

- Sat 12-May-2012, 17:47

We will very sun be faced again by another crises with so many boatloads arriving to our shores. May I ask where is the Frontex mission by the EU? Malta and Italy were left to deal with this tremendous problem alone. No real and genuine co-operation by any other EU country and that is most unfair. Can't our dear ambassador in the EU Richard Cachia Caruana put more pressure on the other member states to help us resolve this crises? What type of problems does he solve for our dear country? A comfy seat indeed. God Bless Dr. Joseph Muscat.

Vella M

- Sat 12-May-2012, 17:04

If only one knew the danger Malta is in,this is very very serious.