Swedes' support for the euro hits new low

Saturday, 12 May 2012, 12:05


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Only one in ten Swedes would today support the adoption of the euro, according to a research study published by Gothenburg University.

The eurozone debt crisis is to blame for the negative Swedish view of the euro says Sören Holmberg, the professor who conducted the research.

Holmberg carried out the research in the autumn of 2011, but he expects the support for the euro in Sweden to be even lower at this time.

“I would suspect that there is an even weaker support for the euro now,” he told Sveriges Radio. “But now it’s at such a low that it’s difficult to see it getting even lower.”

A recent opinion poll showed 54% would vote against Sweden joining the eurozone. Only three years ago, the number of people who said they would vote “yes” in a referendum was higher than those voting against. Today, only 12% of Swedish voters want to replace the Swedish crown with the euro.

Sweden voted against adopting the euro in a referendum in 2003.

The study also shows confidence in the EU is dropping even in areas that have nothing to do with the economy. “If something bad happens, in this case with the economy, then the negative attitude will be reflected in other areas. The Swedish people are blaming the EU for the bad economy, not just in Europe, but also in Sweden,” Holmberg said.

However, the study also showed that Swedes believe Europe does a great job at creating good conditions for businesses, on military and environment policies.

Despite the lack of trust, 50% of Swedes said they still want their country to be an EU member as opposed to 22% who want it to leave the Union.

“Most Swedes still want to be a part of the union even though fewer people want to be part of it now compared to 2010. The support for the EU has grown over the years, but has fallen since 2011 as a result of the financial crisis,” Holmberg said.

Source: Euractiv.com

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