Scottish woman attacked police officers

39 year old Amanda Edwards from Scotland was on Saturday morning charged in the Gozo court with attacking police officers on 4 May 2012 in Rabat, Gozo at 8.00pm while they were carrying out their duties.

She was also charged with slightly injuring a police woman and with damaging a Go phone-box and with disturbing public peace.

She was also charged with being drunk and with breaking the conditions of a previous court sentence.

Amanda Edwards pleaded guilty and was put under probation for three years.

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Comments (4)


- Sat 12-May-2012, 17:16

Well, well, well... isn't it a small world?? Amanda Edwards as I live and breathe...

Surely not?! This could not be the same 'innocent' woman who punched a RyanAir employee and put her in hospital?

This must be some mistake because in other posts regarding that attack on the partially sighted RyanAir employee, Victoria Mifsud Tomassi, she professed such pitiful cries of innocence that several people wanted Amanda Edwards beatified.

Why, the cries of innocence where so loud, on the other posts, that I thought they going to storm of gates of RyanAir to demand a full apology from Ms Tomassi for daring to push her face against Amanda Edwards's fist.

No doubt there will be a full investigation as to why these brutal police officers allowed their heads to be pummelled by Ms Edwards. I just hope that this poor lady hasn't hurt her fists again and that the police will fully compensate her for the damage to her hands and replace the bottle of whiskey that the defendant was bathing in at the time of the arrest.

.....and one other thing whilst I am in full flow! Could people please stop putting glass in their windows! Ms Edwards could have been seriously hurt during the scuffle with police officers and it is just not good enough and this sainted woman could have been hurt by the broken glass....

I must finish off by praising the Magistrate in this case.... this is only Amanda Edwards' second offence in the past year and despite the fact that she is prone to violence and has temper issues I am please to see that she is free yet again to walk the streets and demonstrate the gifts which she has in abundance.

Good call by the magistrate.

I pray that his generous sentencing doesn't enable some other nasty person to throw their face against this angel's fist.


- Sat 12-May-2012, 15:55

Here is another aspect of booze that the alcohol companies fail to advertise.

l fenech

- Sat 12-May-2012, 14:50

La refat idejha fuq puluzija ghomorha il-habs.

Expel her

- Sat 12-May-2012, 11:30

What are the authorities waiting for to expel her with a ban for life from entering Malta?