Labour Party History TV series - Part Three

Saturday, 12 May 2012, 08:36


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Part Three in the series of documentaries covering the story of the Labour Party in Malta centres around the 1940's. Malta emerges from the war poor, broken and sick. The Labour Party from a rather small political force, which only managed 3,100 votes in 1939, wins a formidable victory in 1947 - 63,145 votes, 60% of the national vote, the biggest electoral victory ever in Malta.

For the first time, after 27 years since the Party's founding in 1920, Labour has a majority, an overwhelming majority and an opportunity to implement its programme of reform. What led to the growth of the LP? What was happening in the PN, a giant before the war? Faced with a plethora of old and new problems and challenges, what were the Labour government’s policies and solutions? Did the people embark on the long-overdue road to progress? What were Labour's relations with the British government? What really happened between Party Leader Paul Boffa and his deputy Duminku Mintoff and how did this lead to a split in the party?

Written, researched and produced by Jackie Mercieca - L-Istorja Tal-Partit Laburista this Sunday 13th May at 8.45pm on ONE TV.

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