Malta Airport Fire & Rescue in joint training with Italian Military Mission in Malta

Tuesday, 08 May 2012, 12:33


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Last month, the Malta Airport Fire & Rescue Service Team carried out joint training sessions with the Missione Militare Italiana in Malta. This formed part of the on-going training programme carried out by this crucial team within the airport.

These joint training sessions with the Italian Military Mission consisted of a familiarization exercise of the helicopter (Augusta-Bell AB212) itself such as opening of emergency exists, shutting down engines and rendering of the aircraft safe for rescue.

After the familiarisation session on the aircraft, two exercises for each crew were carried out, which included the simulation of going through the full procedures of shutting down the engines, securing the aircraft and effecting rescue, with engines running and active rotors. In this exercise, the fire crews had to physically shut down engines and evacuate “casualties”.

Also attending part of the training session were representatives from the Civil Aviation Directorate of Transport Malta, who were invited to experience the type of training which the Fire & Rescue team at Malta Airport organises on a regular basis.

Following the training session, Malta Airport Chief Fire Officer, Charles Borg, said that the Fire & Rescue Team members undergo continuous training to ensure alertness and effectiveness should they be needed to intervene. “We are pleased to collaborate with the Italian Military Mission in Malta as well as with the Armed Forces of Malta whose aircraft are based at our airport. This collaboration augurs well for the future.”

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