What lies ahead?

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012, 04:42



The local council elections have come and gone. The results have been published and the councillors are known. Come the morning after, I’m sure that the PN big heads at Dar Centrali assiduously dissected the figures in hand, who voted, who didn’t, and more importantly they started to work out why many hard core PN voters didn’t vote. With a year to go at most, now that the strategy gurus know the grim reality of the pervading malaise, electioneering will start in earnest. So what lies ahead?

From now on, the PN strategist will focus on using Joe Saliba’s famous, or should I say infamous, strategy. After the 2003 the PN’s ex-secretary general, Joe Saliba, boasted that he managed to annihilate Labour’s majority and turn it round into a victory for the PN. He was even invited to give a presentation of this strategy to other EPP parties. The same strategy was used in 2008 only more overwhelmingly.

Those of you who didn’t follow those elections might ask what brilliant strategy Joe Saliba used to melt away the PL’s majority. Did the PN Government put forward proposals that would make Malta a successful island nation, governed wisely and equitably ensuring prosperity for all? Nothing of the sort! This famous strategy was nothing more than the unethical use of the power of incumbency to the full, no holds barred. There were the groups of disgruntled voters that Frank Portelli organised for Prime Minster Gonzi to meet in 2008, who were promised the earth. Tenders came easy and plentiful to those with the right connections and those who needed a bit of prodding to come out and vote PN. There were promotions and appointments galore, VAT and income tax penalties and fines were all forgiven, refunds were issued and pending bills kept on hold. So many questionable building and outside development zone permits were issued that the board was forced to resign but this didn’t deter Gonzipn, they just set up another board and continued to issue permits to their hearts’ content.

The fun and games have actually already started. Just a cursory look around Malta and Gozo, where roads are torn up and construction is everywhere makes it quite obvious that tenders are being issued at a phenomenal pace, irrespective of the fact that this is creating total mayhem on our roads. In all Government Departments and authorities promotions and appointments are in full swing and this is just the beginning.

The Prime Minister and his special delegate MEP Dr. Simon Busuttil (paid out of taxpayer money if you please to do PN work) say that they will work hard to be close to the people. What a load of bull! They had four years to be close to the people so why the mad desperate rush now? Also, although the Prime Minister says he wants to listen to the people in actual fact it is the hard core or prospective PN voters that he is targeting. No more, no less.

Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat has been ridiculed by the PN and the Government controlled media for saying that the PL is the underdog. As past experience has shown, the polls as they stand now are irrelevant. The PN will unleash all its resources in the last few months before the elections and for the PL it will be an uphill battle to counter the immoral and unethical use of all the resources that the Government has, through all taxpayers money be they PL or PN voters, to further the chances of a PN victory.

Hopefully people are older and wiser this time round. Hopefully they won’t let themselves be bought off with PN promises and last minute bounty. Hopefully people now have come to see GonziPN in its true colours.

Maria Abdilla

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carmel Cilia

- Tue 20-Mar-2012, 18:53

Seeing and hearing all this lifelong M.L.P. supporters still today shed a tear or two when they remember how Dr. Alfred Sant gave away a labour government at a twist of a finger. This to the detriment not of himself but to all the labourites and not least to futur generations. Our hearts still bleeds today.


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