Facebook launches its ‘Web newspaper’: interest lists

Friday, 09 Mar 2012, 17:15


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Facebook threw its hat into the ring of curated newsfeeds on Thursday, offering a new "Interest Lists" feature that will allow Facebook users to subscribe to interesting, topical content. The Interest Lists link will appear in user lists within the next couple of weeks, according to Facebook.

The top stories from each interest appear in your newsfeed so you can scan interesting headlines or click through to read more posts, Facebook said. Users can create their own Lists, and share them, or just keep them private. And like the Subscribe feature, users can also take Lists curated by other users and adopt them as their own.

"Interest lists can help you turn Facebook into your own personalized newspaper, with special sections—or feeds—for topics that matter to you. You can find traditional news sections like Business, Sports and Style or get much more personalized—like Tech News, NBA Players, and Art Critics," Eric Faller, a Facebook software engineer, wrote in a blog post.

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