Four Rumanians in jail - accused of thefts

Saturday, 03 Mar 2012, 11:37


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Police charged two Rumanian brothers 21 year old Marius Emil and 24 year old Alin-Dan Ciocan of theft together with two other Rumanians 27 year old Alin Aurel Voica and 35 year old Marcel Popa of breaking into shops in Swieqi and Sliema and of trading in stolen goods. Aklin-Dan Ciocan was accused of being a relapser while his brother Marius Emil was accused of having cannabis on him.

Voica and Popa pleaded guilt and were given a prison sentence while the brothers Ciocan pleaded not guilty but were denied bail and are being kept in prison. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis and Dr. Marouska Debono appeared for the Ciocan brothers.



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