EU: Malta must not cut UK civil service pensions

Following three petitions presented in 2009 and a parliamentary quesion by MEP Louis Grech on 9 December 2011 the European Commission has requested Malta to stop reducing Maltese old-age pensions by the amount of civil servant pensions received from other Member States. This involves mostly pensioners who used to work for British services have been having their pension cut by the Maltese government.

Maltese legislation provides that Maltese statutory old-age pensions are partly decreased by the sum of service pensions paid for past services in Malta or abroad. Such a practice breaches social security coordination rules of the European Union as all pensions based on national legislation, such as civil service pensions, fall under the protection of the EU rules on social security coordination. This prohibits the application of national rules on suspension and reduction of benefits to a pension calculated under social security coordination rules.

The request takes the form of a 'reasoned opinion' under EU infringement procedures. Malta now has two months to inform the Commission of measures it has taken to bring its legislation into line with EU law. Otherwise, the Commission may decide to refer Malta to the EU's Court of Justice.

On 9 December 2011 MEP Louis Grech asked these questions the the EU Commission:


Does the Commission consider the ceiling imposed by the Social Security Act to be fair to those who have earned their UK military service pensions?

Is the calculation method employed by the Maltese national authorities in conformity with the rules laid down in Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71?

Despite the fact that social security issues broadly fall within the national remit, will the Commission take any action, be it advisory or regulatory, in response to this situation?

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Comments (5)

Anthony Gatt

- Tue 28-Feb-2012, 18:28

Nisperaw li GWU titkellem ghalina biex niehdu lura l-flus li serqulna.

Ex RAF Man

- Tue 28-Feb-2012, 07:41

Reading the reply written by Gonzi PN as to why the should not pay I realise that this Gov has no moral concience regarding the theft of this money earned by the few that Churchill once praised for their unselfish service to their country. Shame on this Gov that did in fact promise to redress this massive injustice in the last but one manifesto......

carmel Cilia

- Mon 27-Feb-2012, 17:59

Il-proposta Ewropea mhux lil penzjonanti tas sevizzi Inglizi biss kienet qeghda tirreferi izda anke3 ghal penzjonanti tac-civil li spiccaw bhali ihallsu mal 64 lira bolla fix xaghar biex qeghdin jircievu inqas penzjoni min dik mhux kontributorja. Voldieri wara 35 sena thallas il-bolla tispicca tiehu inqas min dak li ma jkun hallas xejn. Il penzjoni tax xoghol wiehed ikun hadem ghaliha u meta thallna fic- civil iktar min 40 sena ilu dak iz-zmien kienu jghidulna li kellna il-paga imnaqqsa imhabba il-penzjoni.
Haga ohra ahna konna inhalsu ukoll il penzjoni tal Widows and orphans. Din lehhija Mintoff u qatt ma thallasna lura imqar dawk il-flus li konna ilhaqna hallasna. Fil Verita tad Dockyard kienu hadhum lura.. ingustizzja kbira li qatt ma giet irrangata.
Kultant is-silenzju ghadu jghajjat anke mil qabar ta dawk li bhali insterqu min flushom.

Angelo Zahra

- Mon 27-Feb-2012, 17:44

Does this request by the European Commision also apply to the Maltese Civil Service pensioners ?. Civil service pensioners have also paid their FULL National Insurance contributions, and they are also receiving REDUCED National Insurance pensions due to the same Maltese legislation. I feel that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.


- Mon 27-Feb-2012, 17:02

I would like to thank MEP. Louis Grech for all he did for us. It is our money and the government has been dipriving us from "WHAT BELONG TO US!" He should understand that we bring money to our country! We spend our military UK in Malta. Lets hope that this is sorted out once and for all!