China-Malta: 580 local importers; 100 exporters

Monday, 27 Feb 2012, 05:04


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The efforts of the Maltese Chinese Chamber of Commerce to promote a conference organised by the China Import and Export Fair have revealed some surprising data. 

 The MCCC has discovered that there are more than 580   businesses from Malta and Gozo that are importing from   China. On the other hand there are more than 5O companies in Malta exporting to China.

The conference is being organised by the China Foreign Trade Centre, the Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy in Malta and the Maltese Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The President of the China Foreign Trade Centre, Mr.Wang Runsheng will come to Malta late this week to address this conference which will be held on Friday 2nd of March at the Chameleon Suite, Corinthia Palace Hotel,  Balzan between 10.00 a.m. and l.00 p.m. 

Mr Runsheng as President of the China Foreign Trade Centre and Chev. Maurice Mizzi, as President of  the Maltese Chinese Chamber of Commerce will sign a cooperation agreement at the end of the conference.  

The Minister of Finance , the economy and Investments,   Mr Tonio Fenech and the Minister for  fair competition and consumer affairs , Dr Jason Azzopardi, shadow Ministers,  Dr Charles Mangion and  Dr. Gavin Gulia have  informed the organisors that they would  attend.

The Executive Chairman of Malta Enterprise, Mr Alan Camilleri,  the President of the Malta Employers Association, Mr. Joe Farrugia and a representative from the MHRA will also attend.

The GRTU and the Maltese Chamber of Commerce were also invited to attend.

Over 100 local businessmen, company representatives, importers and exporters have confirmed their attendance to this conference.

Mr Reno Calleja, the secretary General of the MCCC said that the fact the China Foreign Trade Centre has asked the MCCC to assist in the organisation of this conference illustrates the important role the MCCC is already playing to act as a bridge between local and Chinese businesses.


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